Motorcycle saddlebags are indeed quite the rage these days. And why should not they be? Motorcycle saddlebags are really handy and can be used for varying purposes from carrying personal  items to using them for storage for delivery purposes, saddlebags are the must have accessory for this season.

Now that everyone seems to be carrying a motorcycle saddlebag, it is very important that one be aware of its maintenance and how to take care of it. The following tips can facilitate you to take good care of your saddlebag so that it is always in good condition and helps you with the purpose you bought it for.

(1) The first most important suggestion is that you choose the right cleaning solution for a leather motorcycle saddlebag. Not only should be the cleaning solution of very good quality but rather it needs to be made sure that it does not contain any harmful chemicals that can cause your saddlebag any damage. Thus ensure that you have read the labels of the chemical with great detail. Moreover it is best to opt for a mild cleaning solution so that the color or quality of the saddlebag is not affected. Also dilute the cleaning solution with water and always use a cloth to clean it and never directly onto the surface.

Another important precaution that needs to be taken is that while cleaning your motorcycle saddlebag with these cleansers, it is preferable that it be done outdoors as these chemicals can be toxic and injurious to health. However it you still choose to do it indoors then ensure proper ventilation so as to avoid inhaling the toxins.

(2) The next important suggestion is conditioning your saddlebag however conditioning is something that does not need to be done frequently rather it is beset to do it once every two weeks. This helps in maintaining the limberness and flexibility of the saddlebag as overdoing could have the adverse affects. Conditioning the saddlebag ensures that your saddlebag looks new for many years to come.

More than often people make this grave mistake of using petroleum products which considerably damage the leather so avoid using petroleum products or products containing petroleum as this has serious adverse affects on the quality of the leather. So it is best to using conditioners that can easily infiltrate into the fibers instead of damaging it.

(3) Anything done in excess can damage your motorcycle saddlebag while you are cleaning it. When polishing the leather of the saddlebag remember to not overdo it rather an occasional polish would suffice. If you keep doing it regularly then it would clog the leather and deteriorate the leather quality. When using a polish cream, make sure that you spread it evenly and not just focus on a specific area or zone.

(4) Water can obviously erode the leather quality and damage it so it is best to use a water protector so as to avoid the damage. One way to do is to apply mink oil or a silicone spray. It is noticed that the leather becomes a shade darker by using such products so first test the product on a smaller surface to see if any discoloration occurs.

Do not place the saddlebag in front of a heated zone for drying purposes as this will make the oil penetrate into the bag and cause it to dry out. The best option is to let it dry at room temperature.

This is all that you need to do to keep your saddlebag looking new and in pristine condition. If you religiously follow the aforementioned tips, you will see that you can keep using your motorcycle saddlebag for years to come while it still looks new.