In this day and age, your car is as valuable as a horse was back in 1800. Keep carriage in good condition is very important, but there are still many people who are unsure about exactly what steps to take to ensure your vehicle is in excellent condition. There are some basic things you can do to do this, however.

Change the oil in the schedule recommended by your service provider. This is usually every 3000 miles, but is up about 4,000 miles does not severely affect the performance of your vehicle.However, it is best changed every 3000 miles, if possible. Whoever gets to change the oil in general, place a sticker on the windshield that lets you know when to come back and do it again changed. Use the same.
Whatever you do, however, do not forget your tires. Has good quality tires that are all the same size and are properly inflated is very important to prevent accidents. Over inflated tires can cause the tire to wear out much faster in the center than outside but inflated tires can cause breakouts. On vehicles that are high in the ground as the SUV, you can turn around after a puncture. Keep your own pressure gauge your vehicle so you can test the air when the tires, because the meters in the air pump service stations are often inaccurate at best.

The battery is the most important thing you need to make and care for. If you buy a used car, the first thing you must replace the battery, because you do not know their history. Too many people who bought vehicles that work well the first week and then begin to have problems later, either by batteries and defective tires. Keep a pair of jumper cables in the trunk, if you have a new battery or not.Driving your vehicle is often important to keep the battery charged, so to drive a vehicle that is in storage is important to avoid having a dead battery.

Steering and transmission fluid is also something you should see.Transmissions are expensive to be replaced, no matter what vehicle you have, while the power steering fluid is needed if you have power steering. If no power steering while driving may cause you to have an accident.