Why Did I Fail Again?

Fortunately, driving examiners will have a detailed list of errors that they can share with the student after the test has been completed. Driving examiners are not trying to trip up the student by tricking them into performing an illegal act that will disqualify them.

For those who have not yet taken their driving test, these suggestions can help students to avoid having to go through with the driving test again.


Observation may seem unimportant to you, but it’s actually one of the essential driving skills and certainly something your instructor will be grading. Here’s what your instructor is expecting from you:

  • Always be mindful of the road ahead of you
  • Perform maneuvers by the book (making a turn at a stop sign = stop fully, look left and right)
  • Use your indicators to alert other drivers of your intentions

By performing these basic actions, you prove that you’re a safe, trustworthy driver and won’t put yourself or others in danger.

driving safety


Keep within the legal speed limit at all times during the driving test, but also react and adjust in special conditions on the road:

  • If the speed limit is 35 mph and it starts to snow or the road is icy, it is advised you lower your speed limit

This shows to your examiner that you’re alert and know how to react in more challenging situations.

Operating the Car

By the time you’re ready to take your driving test, you should know the ins and outs of driving your car and understand some basic mechanics:

  • How to change gears (if driving a manual transmission car)
  • How to use the clutch
  • How to find the biting point and avoid stalling

Don’t panic: you’re not doomed if your car stalls. As long as you recover from this mishap and continue driving safely during the rest of the examination, everything will be all right.


Every driving test involves performing certain maneuvers that are used in everyday driving. Some of them are:

  • Parallel parking
  • Emergency stop
  • Three-point turn

In addition to performing these maneuvers correctly, the instructor will check to see if you’re watching the road and your surroundings and keeping an eye out for pedestrians. Always perform your maneuvers in a safe and controlled way. Slow down if there’s any obstruction.

Prove Yourself As Equal

What your examiner wants to see is responsible behavior and a display of basic skills.

They will probably expect you to be nervous (and that’s okay), but one of your tasks is also to overcome your fear and show that you’re capable to be part of traffic along with senior drivers.

This will take you far and there’s no doubt you’ll pass your driving test.