I passed my driving test yesterday which I am absolutely thrilled about. I also did it with only one minor mark as well….

The 9th of December 2010 had been a date that i was dreading for quite a few weeks, because i knew that i would be up in front of the driving examiner. All i can say right now is yay i passed my driving test!!

I suffer with nerves more than most i think, and even relatively calm people suffer with driving test nerves. To combat them i simply had 2 or 3 lessons a week to stop myself getting into a negative mindset. This really did help and because my driving instructor was so calm and re-assuring this made me believe that i could pass my test.

In the weeks leading up to the test i had been practicing the show me tell me questions almost like a robot and thankfully i managed to learn them all before the test. This was essential for me because it gave me less to worry about.

On the day, i just woke up and told myself that i can drive and only i could stop myself from passing. I had an hour with my driving instructor beforehand which was so helpful and then we went round to the test centre.

We left it until the last minute before going into the waiting room because i didn’t want the nerves to build up and take control of me. Instead we went through more questions to keep my mind busy.

Then my name was called and i nearly pooped myself, literally. Luckily though the examiner that i had was lovely and talkative and he put me at ease the minute i started to talk to him. We did the eyesight test, which i passed, thankfully. I was dreading failing that because i would have looked like a right idiot!

He then asked me the questions which i got right also and while he checked the car i got myself ready inside. Once he said i could go when i was ready, i just thought you have to do this, and i did.

I am lucky in many respects, although i didn’t think this at the time, that my manoeuvre was done almost straightaway, so i didn’t have time to worry over it. I had the reverse park, which i personally thought i had messed up, but i didn’t even get a minor mark for it.

I had to do my independent drive as well, which is where you are asked to drive independently only following the roadsigns.  I didn’t find this difficult at all, all you have to do is make sure you keep concentrating and doing the things you usually would.

Finally as we pulled back into the test centre i was unsure as to whether i had passed or not. I knew i had given it my best shot and i was proud of myself anyway, but then he said to me congratulations you’ve passed, and i couldn’t believe it! I was more shocked that i only got 1 minor mark as well.

Today, although i am still delighted, the novelty has worn off a bit because i realize that i need to start thinking about getting a car and insurance etc. which is definitely not very fun.

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