Anyone serious about working on their car is going to want to invest in a quality floor jack. These jacks make it easier for the mechanic, whether they’re an amateur mechanic or a professional, lift their car for changing tires, changing the oil, or for other work that must be performed under the vehicle. Even though these jacks aren’t as easy to transport as say scissor jacks or bottle jacks, no other type of jacks can provide the reliability that the best floor jacks can provide the consumer. It’s for this reason alone that they’re a must-have for any home or professional garage.

Quick Summary of Floor Jacks

 Editor’s Choice 

JEGS 3-Ton Low Profile Professional Jack  (review)

 Also Recommended 

Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Low-Profile Jack  (review)

 Also Consider 

Blackhawk B6350 Fast-Lift 3.5-Ton Service Jack  (review)


JEGS 3-Ton Low Profile Professional Jack

 Editor’s Choice 

This JEGS 3-ton professional jack is one that some consumers might pass over at first because it does cost more than most other floor jacks. However, it’s our firm belief that skipping over this jack because of its price-tag is a mistake, especially if the consumer is looking for a quality jack. This jack is one of the best floor jacks currently available, and not only has a great bright yellow color-scheme but also has the features that mechanics need out of their jack. It’s made using a lightweight aluminum that gives it the durability and strength that the mechanic needs, but also allows it to be lighter than some other models. This is a model that weighs under 60-pounds but is strong enough to lift up to 6,000-pounds.

To see the quality behind this jack, all the consumer has to do is look at its specifications. This product has a chassis length of 26.5-inches, a chassis width of 12-inches, and a maximum saddle height of 19.24-inches. Its saddle has a minimum 3.5-inch height, which allows it to get under low-clearance vehicles, and rotates a full 360-degrees. This model has a 4-9/16-inch lifting pad, a 15.75-inch hydraulic lift, and it meets ASME PALD 2014 safety and performance standards. Because it has dual side-handles, it’s also easy for the consumer to move this jack into position.

Additional features that can be found on this product include a 50-inch two-piece handle with a vehicle-protection sleeve, bypass and overload valves that prevent the jack from lifting beyond its rated capacity, and rubber lift pads. When you take all of these features together, it’s easy to see that this is one of the best floor jacks currently available. It certainly would be our pick if we were to have to buy a new floor jack right now.


  • This jack weighs under 60-pounds.
  • It is extremely durable and is a professional floor jack.
  • This jack’s saddle allows for great frame-rail centering.

  • This jack costs more than some other ones.

Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Low-Profile Jack

 Also Recommended 

This Pittsburgh Automotive 3-ton floor jack is one that consumers might want to examine. This is designed to be a professional-quality jack and to provide the mechanic with years of faithful service. This model has a heavy-duty construction so it can take a proverbial beating day in and day out. And that’s why it made it to the number two position on our list—even though it weighs approximately 79-pounds, which is a bit on the heavy side for a floor jack. Fortunately, it has a 12-inch base, so it’s extremely stable once it has been put into position.

This jack also has a low profile that allows it to be used under most vehicles. And once it has been placed underneath a vehicle, the consumer has precise load-control that can be appreciated in any handle-position—all thanks to its universal joint release. This jack also has a rapid pump system that lifts vehicles with fewer pumps than many of the other jacks on the market. We should probably also mention that this jack has been precision-welded and comes equipped with an industrial-grade finish that will allow it to hold up to being dinged around the shop.

When collapsed completely, this jack is just about 2.75-inches thick and it has a maximum lift height of approximately 19.75-inches. This allows this jack to lift everything from a compact car to full-ton pickups. It’s a jack that does a great job and is an asset for just about any garage—regardless of whether it’s a home garage or a professional one. It’s a tool that we feel will help consumers get underneath their vehicles for a very long time without needing to be replaced. And it’s a very nice looking product with a bright red design to top it all off. It’s definitely a product worth taking a look at.


  • This is a professional quality floor jack.
  • This product has a rapid pump system.
  • This jack is extremely stable.

  • This floor jack is a bit heavy.

Blackhawk B6350 Fast-Lift 3.5-Ton Service Jack

 Also Consider 

Another service jack that we liked was this one from Blackhawk. This is a model that we felt was extremely durable, did a great job of lifting a vehicle quickly, and seemed to be built to last. Sure, it’s a product that’s not without its problems—namely, that it weighs over 80-pounds and has instructions that we felt were substandard, but is otherwise a great inexpensive floor jack that we think will provide the home mechanic with day-to-day service. Let’s examine some of its features to see why it stands out among the hundreds of floor jacks on the market today.

This jack is approximately 28.5-inches long, 13.75-inches wide, and 6.25-inches high. That means that it’s now low enough to handle low-profile vehicles, but it low enough to handle most vehicles with standard heights. This model has a lifting range that goes from 5.5-inches to 22-inches, so consumers can lift their vehicle to a good height. And because this jack is equipped with rapid-lift technology when it’s not under load, then consumers can have this jack up to the jack point so they can immediately begin to lift their vehicle. After all, the consumer has work to do and the last thing they want to do is spend all of their time jacking up their vehicle.

Other features that can be found on this model include a vent plug and internal safety valves that prevent the jack from lifting above its lift capacity, a 3.5-ton lifting capacity, and a universal joint for precision load control. This model also features a swivel saddle that’s made out of heavy-duty steel for safety and to ensure that this product maintains its durability. And finally, this is a very inexpensive floor jack that costs less than professional models but is more durable than bargain-basement models. It’s a model that should serve the home mechanic very well.


  • This model has a 7,000-pound lift capacity.
  • This floor jack is equipped with rapid-lift technology.
  • This is an inexpensive floor jack.

  • This service jack is very heavy.
  • It could’ve come with better instructions.

A Buying Guide To Floor Jacks

If there’s one thing that we hope our readers learn from reading our reviews of the best floor jacks is that not all of these jacks are the same. Although many of these jacks look similar to one another, there are distinct differences that differentiate the high-quality professional models that provide years of faithful service from the bargain-basement models that are destined to break the first time they’re tested.

To help our readers differentiate the quality models from the poor models, we’ve decided to write a guide on the subject. A guide that will help our readers find the jack that has the features they need and do it without them having to bust their budget. So, with a purpose in hand, let’s get started and take a look at some of the features that consumers need to consider when buying a new floor jack. 

The Car Jack’s Capacity

The first thing that the consumer needs to consider when they’re purchasing a new floor jack is the jack’s capacity. The consumer needs to choose the jack that’s capable of lifting the vehicle they need it to lift. On the other hand, the consumer is probably not going to want to purchase a jack that has too high of a lifting capacity. Why? Well, the more the jack can lift the more it’s likely to cost, so the consumer should balance the jack’s capacity with its price-tag. For consumers lifting a standard passenger car, a 2-ton jack is likely sufficient. For people lifting trucks, then they’re going to need to purchase a jack with more lifting capacity. 

Minimum And Maximum Lift Heights

The next two things that the consumer is going to want to consider are the minimum and maximum lift heights of the jack in question. The consumer wants to make sure the jack fits underneath their vehicle, which can be a concern for cars with a low profile. They also want to make sure that the jack can lift high enough to actually lift their vehicle up. 

The Vehicle Jack’s Construction

The consumer is also going to want to consider how the floor jack is constructed. Floor jacks are made from either aluminum or steel. And this is really a matter of personal preference more than anything else because both types of jacks can be durable if they’re properly made. If the jack is going to stay in the shop and the mechanic doesn’t need to move it, then a steel jack is a good choice. However, if the consumer needs to transport their jack from place to place, then they might want to consider an aluminum model because it’s lighter and easier to move. 

The consumer also needs to make sure that the jack is well constructed. High-quality models usually have welded joints and are coated in an industrial coating. Of course, much of this is subjective, so the consumer should always follow their best judgment when considering a new floor jack for their garage.

The Width Of The Jack

It’s also important for the consumer to consider the width of the jack—both at the base and at the jack pad. In most cases, a wider base will result in better stability, but most people want a jack pad that’s appropriately sized for their vehicle. If the jack pad is too large, then it can get in the way and if the jack pad is too small then it won’t do its job well. It all depends on the vehicles the consumer needs to jack up. 

The Length Of The Handle

Another thing that the consumer is going to want to think about is the length of the handle. The jack handle should be long enough to make the jack easy to use, so the consumer should give a thought to their needs. In our opinion, 36 to 50-inch handles are suitable for most people’s needs. 

Additional Features To Consider

The above points cover the basics of what the consumer needs to consider when purchasing a new floor jack, but those aren’t the only points to consider. The consumer is also going to want to think about a few additional features that can determine whether a particular jack is easy to use or difficult to use. Below are a few more things that the consumer is going to want to consider when purchasing a new floor jack.

  • Safety Valves To Prevent Jack Failure
  • A Rotating Saddle Design
  • Whether The Jack Has A Handle
  • The Vehicle Jack’s Price
  • Whether The Jack Has Swivel Casters