The primary reason why someone would want to paint their garage floor is that they want to create a beautiful aesthetic that gives the garage a more modern look. However, that’s not the only reason why someone might want to paint their garage’s floor. Other reasons include a protective coating that safeguards the floor against chemicals and impacts, protects the floor against surface abrasions, makes the floor easier to clean, or covers the flaws in the concrete.

Regardless of why a person wants to coat their garage’s floor with quality paint, their first step should be to purchase the best garage floor paint available and then learn everything they need to know about using that product effectively. Fortunately, we have all of the information the consumer could need to not just buy the best product available, but also use that product in the most effective way possible.

Quick Summary of Garage Floor Paints

 Best Epoxy Paint 

Supercoat Firebrick Red Epoxy Floor Coating  (review)

 Best Professional Kit 

Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit (251965)  (review)

 Best Low-Odor Kit 

Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Floor Coating Kit  (review)

 Best Water-Based Paint 

KILZ Garage & Concrete Floor Paint  (review)


Supercoat Firebrick Red Epoxy Floor Coating

 Best Epoxy Paint 

Anyone who is looking to create the look of a professionally painted floor in their garage is going to want to take a look at this product from Supercoat. This product is designed to roll onto the floor like paint but dry quickly and create a surface that’s as strong as steel. At least, that’s what the company’s advertising line. In reality, we’re not sure if it creates a surface as strong as “steel” but we do know that if the consumer follows the directions and puts down two coats of this product, then they’ll end up with a beautiful and durable surface that should last a very long time.

This product is designed to cover approximately 275 square feet of garage space, which it could if the consumer put on one coat, but we dare suggest that most people are probably going to want to put down two coats of this product. Having said that, however, once that’s done, we found this to be a beautiful quality product that’s perfect for just about any garage, basement, or even dog run. And because it comes in a variety of different colors—including ivory, black, emerald, cobalt blue, firebrick red, stone gray, and sandstone. Once the consumer uses this product they’ll understand why we selected it for the top of our list of the best garage floor paints.


  • This product creates a professional-looking coating.
  • This product is durable and creates an antislip surface.
  • This product comes in a variety of beautiful colors.

  • The product might not cover a full 275 square feet.

Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit (251965)

 Best Professional Kit 

This product from Rust-Oleum is more than just a garage floor paint, it’s a whole floor kit. It’s a two-part epoxy that works well on garage floors, concrete surfaces, basements, and anyplace else where the consumer needs a durable and professional-looking coating. This product is easy to apply and provides the floor with long-lasting stain and chemical protection that the consumers can feel like they can rely on. It adheres perfectly to surfaces and doesn’t have the problems of hot tire pickup that some other floor epoxies tend to have. It also has a nice gloss finish to it that gives the floor a professionally-applied look to it.

This product is supposed to cover a full 250 square feet of floor, but in our experience, it probably only covers about 225 square feet. However, that’s a small problem considering that once this paint was laid down it didn’t peel or display any other defects. Approximately two days after applying it, we were capable of walking on it, and about two days after that it can be driven on. All in all, it’s a low odor paint that does create a professional look that we feel many consumers are going to appreciate.


  • This product creates a professional-looking surface.
  • This kit is easy-to-use.
  • It creates a beautiful surface.

  • It covers less than 250 square-feet.

Rust-Oleum Rock Solid Floor Coating Kit

 Best Low-Odor Kit 

To provide our readers with full disclosure, we have to say that this product could’ve easily made it to the top of our list. We found this product to create a Polycuramine concrete coating that was durable, looked good, and seemed to do a good job of protecting the concrete from chemical spills or abrasions. According to this product’s label, it’s capable of providing a coating that’s twenty times tougher than epoxy. We’re not sure if it’s that strong, but we do know that it created a showroom quality garage floor using only one coat and it didn’t peel, crack, or have hot tire pickup. This is a quality product that’s low-odor and cures in a relatively short period.

So why is this product not in our number one position but is instead in our number three position on our list of best garage floor paints? Well, for two simple reasons. One, it costs more than any of the other paints we’ve reviewed, and two, this product requires the consumer to scrub and etch their concrete floor before they use it. It’s this added cost and work that made us inevitably place this product at a lower position. However, anyone who doesn’t mind the added cost or the extra work might want to consider this product because it does produce some of the best results that we’ve seen. We feel like this is a quality product that produces a showroom look that should last the consumer for many years to come.


  • This floor paint creates a professional-looking surface.
  • Each kit covers up to 500 square-feet of the floor’s surface.
  • Has an amazing high-gloss look to it.

  • This product is quite expensive.
  • It requires the concrete to be etched.

KILZ Garage & Concrete Floor Paint

 Best Water-Based Paint 

Most people will probably recognize the name KILZ as the brand that makes the paint for covering up stains on walls quickly and easily. Now, this company is not only making quality wall paints, but they’re also making quality garage floor paint. This product is designed to cover up to 400 square feet of smooth garage floors or up to 300 square feet of rough garage floors. It’s a product that goes on smoothly but does require the consumer to apply a second coat. Although this product isn’t as shiny as some of the other floor paints we’ve reviewed, this product is one of the more inexpensive brands available and is a great budget garage floor paint.

Because this is a water-based floor paint, it might not be as durable as the epoxy paints, but we still felt it was good enough to make our list. This product does appear to provide the floor with a protective coating that should protect it from gasoline, oil, or other automotive chemicals. When applied, this product dries in about two hours, and the floor is ready for a recoat in approximately four hours. It’s a product that can be used on coated or uncoated concrete, brick, stone, or even masonry. Consumers should realize before they purchase this paint, however, that it’s designed as floor paint, and therefore, shouldn’t be used for vertical surfaces such as walls.


  • This product is inexpensive.
  • This product covers a lot of floor space.
  • This product comes in slate gray or silver-gray.

  • Not as shiny as some other products.
  • This product isn’t as durable as some other products.

A Guide To Garage Floor Paints

It should be quite clear at this point that if you want your garage floor to look its best and to hold up to years of use, then you’re probably going to want to invest in a quality garage floor paint. Unfortunately, buying or using these products isn’t always as easy as they should be, and this causes a lot of consumers to shy away from buying them. 

We want to reverse the idea that it’s difficult to buy or use these products, so we’ve decided to write a guide that will give our readers the information they need. In this guide, all of our readers will not only find out how to buy the best garage floor paints but will also find out how to use those paints effectively to create a showroom quality look to their garage’s floor that will make their friends envious. 

Buying The Best Garage Floor Paints

Okay, let’s begin this guide by talking about some of the things that the consumer might want to think about when purchasing a new garage floor paint. We can separate these paints into two different categories: water-based floor paints and epoxy-based floor paints. Keeping that in mind, let’s explore some of the things consumers should consider when buying garage floor paint and how each of these paints scores in each category. 

The Paint’s Appearance

One of the first things that the consumer is going to want to consider when purchasing new paint is its appearance. Most water-based floor paints have a runnier consistency than epoxy paints and after they dry, water-based paints end up with more of a flat finish than a glossy one. Although epoxy-based paints do look better and have more shine to them, they come in a fewer variety of colors than water-based paints. Some people end up having to buy a separate tint to color their epoxy paint. However, if the consumer can find epoxy paint in the color they want, they can rest assured that it will provide them with a professional look.

The Paint’s Cost

Another thing that the consumer needs to consider when deciding between a water-based and epoxy-based paint is how much they want to spend. Water-based garage floor paints tend to be cheaper than epoxy-based paints—sometimes dramatically so. Many water-based paints can cost anywhere from 10 to 15-cents per square foot, while epoxy-based pains can cost anywhere from 25-cents to 2-dollars per square foot. 

Ease Of Application

The consumer is also going to want to consider how easy the product is to apply to their garage floor. Most epoxy-based garage floor paints can be difficult for the consumer to use because they have to power-wash the floor’s surface, etch it to open up the floor’s pores and make sure that the concrete is in good condition. Water-based floor paints are a little easier to apply and usually just require a good power-washing and then rolling out the paint. 

Think About Traction Needed

It’s also important for the consumer to think about the amount of traction they need. As a general rule, epoxy paints tend to be slicker, so people walking on them might be more prone to slipping. This can be improved by using a kit that has added anti-slip particles so that it has more traction. If slipping is a big concern, however, the consumer might want to choose a matte garage floor paint. That will provide better traction than even anti-slip or anti-skid epoxy paints. 

Durability Is An important Consideration

It’s also important for the consumer to think about the durability of their floor paint. In this category, epoxy garage floor paints hold the advantage. Water-based floor paints have to be reapplied frequently as they begin to stain, chip, or peel. Epoxy-based paints are non-porous and as a result, they hold up a lot longer. Most water-based paints will need to be reapplied every year or so, while epoxy coating can last anywhere from three to five years. 

Consumers should also think about hot-tire pickup and whether it’s going to be a concern for them. Hot tire pickup occurs when the paint is pulled off of the floor and adheres to the tire. This generally happens in areas with hot summers, so if the consumer lives in a hot climate, then they might want to look for a garage floor paint that’s listed as being hot-tire pickup resistant. 

Properly Applying Garage Floor Paint

Now that we’ve gone over some of the things that consumers should look for when purchasing a new garage floor paint, we thought that we’d give our readers a few parting tips on using their paint so they get the best results. The following tips will help the consumer stay on course during the painting process and help them put down a surface coating that will make anyone proud. 

  • Read the product’s instructions thoroughly.
  • Make sure to wear proper safety equipment.
  • Make sure the area is well ventilated. 
  • Inspect the floor’s surface and correct any imperfections.
  • Clean and prepare the floor’s surface.
  • If necessary, etch the floor according to the product’s instructions.
  • Mix and apply the garage floor paint. 
  • Apply a second coat of paint, if necessary.