Thanks to continued innovations in technology, car GPS trackers have become more reliable, much easier to use, and much smaller. They not only allow a vehicle to be tracked if it’s stolen, but they can also be used for tracking usage for multiple family members or employees. Of course, there are still some models that don’t work as well as others, so we decided to dive into the subject and find out for our readers which models are the best hidden GPS trackers for cars. Let’s dig into the subject and find out what makes the following models sensational for just about anyone.

Quick Summary of Hidden Gps Trackers For Cars

 Best High-End GPS 

Global View Magnetic Hidden Vehicle Tracking Device  (review)

 Best Value GPS 

Optimus Tracker 2.0 GPS Tracker  (review)

 Best Affordable GPS 

Land Air Sea 54 GPS Global-Coverage Tracker  (review)

 Best International GPS 

Tracki Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker  (review)


Global View Magnetic Hidden Vehicle Tracking Device

 Best High-End GPS 

This magnetic GPS tracker might cost a bit more than other ones on the market, but it does come with a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. This GPS bundle comes with a GPS tracker that attaches magnetically to a vehicle in only a few moments, a SIM card, a USB charging cable, and a 12-volt wall plug. This is a great tracker for keeping track of a vehicle, ATV, RV, truck, or motorcycle and it’s used with a GPS Cloud Tracking Application that is extremely accurate—probably one of the more accurate ones that we’ve tested so far. And this tracker is not only accurate but lasts a long time thanks to its advanced battery.

It’s no wonder these devices are used by large businesses and individuals in over 140 different countries. These are devices that can be placed underneath a vehicle on a flat metallic spot that doesn’t get hot, in a trailer, or the car trunk and they will work equally well. The battery on these devices lasts for up to 2-months of real-time tracking, or 3-months in standby mode. Although this model does require a subscription as any other model, there are no contracts that the user has to worry about. Overall, this is one of the best-hidden GPS trackers for cars or other vehicles that we’ve found so far, and have no problems recommending people to give it a good hard look to see what it might offer them in vehicle tracking.


  • This is an extremely accurate tracker.
  • It has excellent battery life.
  • Has a 12-month tracking history.
  • Generates weekly reports.

  • It costs more than some other GPS models.

Optimus Tracker 2.0 GPS Tracker

 Best Value GPS 

When it comes to budget GPS trackers, this one is right near the top of the list. This model is a fraction of the price of other GPS models, but it still does a good job of accurately reporting a person’s position. Although some people have complained that the APP that this product uses is a bit confusing, once a person gets used to it, it’s no harder to navigate than any other APP. This product’s APP and its corresponding website allow the user to get alerts by email, text messages, or by push locations. Some of the alerts it can provide to the user include when the tracker begins moving in the first place; when the tracker has a low battery; when the vehicle is speeding, or provide the user with an SOS alert.

We also liked the size of this model. It was small enough to be placed in luggage or underneath a car seat, and it comes with a case that’s equipped with twin Neodymium Magnets. This case is water-resistant and is made from durable materials to hold up to the harsh conditions underneath a car. If there was one thing that we didn’t like about this tracker, it was the fact that we feel that its battery didn’t last as long as it should’ve have lasted. According to its specifications, this model is supposed to have a battery life of up to 2-weeks, but it didn’t quite make it that long for our tests. Having said that, we still feel that this is a quality product—especially since it’s so reasonably priced—and a tracker that a lot of people are going to get good use out of.


  • It’s very simple to use.
  • It’s very accurate.

  • Battery life isn’t as robust as we would’ve liked.

Land Air Sea 54 GPS Global-Coverage Tracker

 Best Affordable GPS 

This personal GPS tracker is another one that has a nice array of features but comes with a low price tag. This tracking system only measures 2.25×2.25×0.80-inches and comes with a SIM card. This model is small enough for a person to place it in their pocket, to pop it into luggage, or to attach it to a vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, or an ATV. This model is very durable and is made from weatherproof materials that make it resistant to snow, rain, wind, and sunlight. Although this model is equipped with LED lights, those lights can be disabled so that it can be used in stealth mode and not reveal its position to anyone who might see it. All of this makes this a very versatile tracker.

Because it has a built-in magnet, it can be attached to a vehicle. This model also had a very decent battery life, which was surprising considering how inexpensive it is. If there was one problem that we can see with this model, it’s the fact that its reliability goes down when its battery life approaches the halfway mark. It’s extremely reliable when it’s fully charged, but that changes as it’s used. If it weren’t for this flaw, this would be one of the higher to the top of our list, but at this point, we can only justify leaving it at this position.


  • It’s a very inexpensive GPS model.
  • It’s easy to setup and use.

  • Tracking becomes unreliable when the battery runs under 50%.

Tracki Mini Real-Time GPS Tracker

 Best International GPS 

Tracki is a portable GPS tracker that works pretty well, although we can’t say that it’s perfect, as we’ll soon get to later on in this review. This model tracks extremely well, and can even track a user’s movements indoors using Wi-Fi and tracking by individual router ID, which isn’t a feature that’s common on other trackers. It also has a small size that’s approximately 1.8×1.6×0.7-inches in size, and it only weighs about 1.4-ounces. Compare this size and weight to other models that are larger and weigh anywhere from 3 to 16-ounces, and it’s easy to see just how lightweight this model is. Another feature we liked is that this model kept a 5-year history, which is much better than the 90-day history that’s standard on other devices.

Other features that can be found on this model include an SOS panic button, Bluetooth for 100-foot tracking, and a 5-second update rate with a manual ping through the APP. Unfortunately, there is one thing that we didn’t like about this model. It’s supposed to have 1-month battery life in sleep mode, but it doesn’t last quite that long. Fortunately, they do sell an optional larger battery that helps it last longer, but we didn’t review that extra battery. As a result, we feel that this is an excellent model, it’s just not as good as it could’ve been.


  • It’s very reasonably priced.
  • This model is accurate.

  • Its battery discharges quickly.

A Guide To Hidden GPS Trackers

Although we attempted to list some of the very best hidden GPS trackers available for cars, we know that some people might want to look for a model on their own. And we can certainly understand that, so we decided to write this guide. This is a guide that’s designed to give our readers the information they need to make the best decision possible when buying a new GPS tracker. Now that we’ve stated the purpose of this guide, let’s start it off by talking about some of the benefits of buying a hidden GPS tracker. 

The Benefits Of Hidden GPS Trackers

Why buy a GPS tracker that can be hidden in a vehicle or in some other location? Well, take a look below and find out for yourself.

Protection From Theft

A common reason why people buy these trackers is to protect it from theft. Although they won’t stop car thieves from taking your vehicle, they can lead authorities right to the vehicle if it’s ever taken. And when used in that capacity, these trackers can pay for themselves in no time flat. 

Monitor Your Driving Habits

Another reason to use one of these trackers is to monitor your own driving habits or the driving habits of your family members. Want to know if you or another family are speeding, or whether they’re hard braking? If you do, then these trackers can serve in that role quite well.

Choosing The Best Hidden GPS Trackers For Your Needs

Now that we know why these GPS trackers are so valuable to own, we can now focus on buying the best one available. Below are some things for people to think about before they purchase a new GPS unit to ensure that they actually do buy the one that’s best for them.

Choose Between Passive Or Active GPS Models

One of the first things that a person is going to want to do when they’re choosing a new hidden GPS model is whether they need a passive or an active system. Passive systems merely record the information and store it on a SIM card or into an internal memory bank that can be physically accessed later. This means if the vehicle is stolen, then the tracker is stolen and the user won’t be able to access the information. Active models transmit the data to the user actively, so even if the vehicle is stolen, the vehicle’s location can be accessed. Therefore, passive models are better for keeping track of you or your family’s driving habits, and active models are better for tracking the vehicle if it’s stolen. 

Features To Look For On A GPS

Once a person has determined whether they want a passive or active GPS model, they should then begin to think about some of the other features they might want their device to have. Below are some of the features that can be found on some models. If you like any of the following features, then you should make sure to buy a GPS that is equipped with that feature. 

The GPS Case

Some models either have a case or have a case built-in. Cases can be useful for protecting the GPS tracker from vibration, dirt, dust, or other environmental conditions. Some of them also have magnets built into them that make installing the tracker a lot easier.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important consideration. When choosing a GPS tracker, you’ll want to make sure that it has enough battery life that it not only continues to accurately report the vehicle’s position but also so that it doesn’t need to be constantly recharged.


Geofencing can also be a handy feature for a GPS to have. With this feature, the user can map out a predetermined area that they want their vehicle to stay in and if it leaves that area, then the GPS automatically sends a notification.

Proximity Alerts

Proximity alerts can be another useful feature to have equipped on a GPS. These alerts can notify the user when the vehicle leaves a location, when it exits a location, or when it reaches a certain predetermined area on a map. 

Other Features To Consider

Before we conclude this guide, we would like to go over some of the other features that tend to be useful for GPS features. Even though the above features can be found on many different GPS units, the following features are usually found only on high-end GPS trackers.

  • Automated Alerts
  • GPS Tracking Statistics
  • 90-Day To 12-Month Tracking History
  • Automatically Generate Weekly Reports