Let’s face some hard facts: sometimes, the headlights on your vehicle aren’t as powerful as they need to be. And not only are vehicle’s headlights underpowered, but they also tend to have a very short lifespan. That’s why some people are going to want to upgrade their trucks or ATV lighting system by installing the best-LED light bars. These light bars not only provide excellent illumination for a wide variety of different vehicles, but the average LED light has a lifespan of over 50,000-hours. That’s an upgrade over the measly lifespan of a halogen bulb—which is just over 5,000-hours. Let’s take a look at some of the LED light bars that we feel are the best ones currently available.

Quick Summary of Led Light Bars

 BestOverall Light Bar 

Rigidhorse 32-Inch Single-Row & Spot-Beam Light Bar  (review)

 Best 10-Inch Light Bar 

4WDKING WDK-D5-10 LED Light Bar  (review)

 Best Compact Light Bar 

AUZKIN 7-Inch 240-Watt Driving Lights  (review)

 Best Value Light Bar 

Nilight Store 20-Inch Off-Road Light Bar  (review)

 Brightest Light Bar 

DWVO 42-Inch Curved 600-Watt Light Bar  (review)


Rigidhorse 32-Inch Single-Row & Spot-Beam Light Bar

 BestOverall Light Bar 

This LED lightbar is small and lightweight, but it manages to deliver quite a lot of power. This bar is 32-inches in size, so it can easily be installed on a truck, a boat, an ATV, or just about any other vehicle a person would want to upgrade. This unit also comes with a mounting bracket, so the consumer can easily install it once they’ve received it. This bar adheres to IP67 water-resistance standards, which makes it shockproof, dust-proof and resistant to corrosion under extreme weather conditions. Because the manufactured has essentially made a heat sink using different aluminum variations and metal types, this light bar is less likely to fog during cold temperature conditions and can dissipate heat off of the light quickly in extremely hot temperatures.

Another thing that makes this an exceptional light bar is that it delivers light that can cut through the night very well. It provides a more concentrated soft light than other bars tend to deliver and its high-power LEDs can deliver light at 30,000 lumens with a color temperature of 6,000K according to their specifications. And because these lights are LEDs, they have an estimated lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.


  • This LED light bar produces a lot of light.
  • It’s small and lightweight.
  • It’s water-resistant.

  • None

4WDKING WDK-D5-10 LED Light Bar

 Best 10-Inch Light Bar 

Before we start reviewing the 10-inch LED light bar model, we would like to say that this product can be bought not only in the 10-inch size but can also be purchased in 20-inch, 30-inch, 40-inch, and 50-inch sizes. So, consumers have options when it comes to these lightbars. Now, back to our 10-inch light bar review. This model is manufactured with premium LED chips and an advanced optical system that cuts through the darkness. These lights are weather-resistant up to IP68 and IP69K standards and are sealed with 316 stainless steel screws that ensure that dust and water can’t get into the light.

This model also has 6063 aluminum housing that not only protects the light but also acts as a heatsink. That allows it to withstand extreme heat and do not fog up during extremely cold temperatures. And because these lights are made with Lexan lenses—lenses that are 300-times stronger than glass, they’re able to hold up to even extremely tough conditions. And as is the case with most LED lights, the lights on these lightbars have a rated life of approximately 50,000-hours. All of this makes this a high-quality light bar system that many people are going to want to consider for their vehicles.


  • This is an extremely bright light.
  • It’s small and compact.
  • It’s an affordable lighting solution.

  • The wire that attaches to the battery could’ve been longer.

AUZKIN 7-Inch 240-Watt Driving Lights

 Best Compact Light Bar 

Even though this lightbar might be too small for some people’s needs, for other people it might be just the right size. These 7-inch light bars have a total of 40 LED lights that deliver a color temperature of 6000K and can deliver a 30-degree spot beam or a 170-degree flood bean. They are waterproof up to IP68 standards and can operate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit up to temperatures as high as 176 degrees Fahrenheit. These LED lights are also long-lasting, with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours, and are made with die-cast aluminum housing that acts as a heat sink and also helps to protect the unit from damage.

This light bar isn’t just suitable for mounting on a vehicle, however. If the consumer wants to purchase a transformer to convert the power source to use household AC, they can do that and use these lights in their home. These lights are also suitable for ATV, SUVs, trucks, trailers, boats, dune buggies, and just about any other vehicle a person would want to use it on.


  • Water-resistant up to IP68 standards.
  • It produces a lot of light.

  • Is smaller than what some people might need.

Nilight Store 20-Inch Off-Road Light Bar

 Best Value Light Bar 

This universal fit LED light bar has an estimated lifespan of 30,000-hours, made with 6063 aluminum, and is designed to adhere to IP67 water-resistance standards, although some of these units may fog up due to condensation. They are designed to be placed on off-road vehicles, and as such, they aren’t DOT certified and aren’t approved to be on public roads. With that being said, these lights can be installed on trucks, SUVs, ATVs, cars, boats, and just about any other off-road vehicle that the person wants to install it on.

This unit comes with an adjustable mounting bracket that can be adjusted to 45-degrees. Thanks to its cooling fans and high-quality aluminum housing, these lights are heat-resistant and dissipate heat quickly and efficiently. It also features a high-light density and can deliver spot-light at 30-degrees or flood lighting at 60-degrees. All things considered, this is a quality LED light bar, and would be higher on our list if it wasn’t for the fact that condensation can build up in it. If it wasn’t for that problem, we would’ve rated this light much higher, but as it stands now, we simply can’t.


  • These lights are nice and bright.
  • They’re very reasonably priced.

  • They may fog up.
  • They’re not D.O.T approved.

DWVO 42-Inch Curved 600-Watt Light Bar

 Brightest Light Bar 

This 42-inch curved tri-row combo bar costs a little more than other models, but it does produce a good amount of light. That’s because it’s made with a wide reflector that’s located in the center that allows for multi-angle refraction and a triple row of lights. This product can be mounted using the sturdy mounting bracket that comes with it and helps to keep it stable while the vehicle in motion. The mounting bracket also helps to absorb shock that would otherwise be passed to the light bar. Another feature that we liked is that this light bar has a fan shape that helps to dissipate heat and makes the light more heat-resistant.

Unfortunately, the light isn’t as weather-resistant as we would’ve liked it to have been. According to this lightbars specification, it’s supposed to have an IP68 weather-resistance rating, but we found that some condensation did tend to build up over time. With that being said, we still think that this light bar works well and some people might find that to be a minor flaw as it didn’t allow water into the lights.


  • They produce a lot of light.
  • It dissipates heat extremely well.

  • They cost more than other LED light bars.
  • Condensation can build up in them in wet conditions.

LED Light Bar Buying Guide

LED light bars are extremely effective at casting light in front of a vehicle. That makes them great for on-road and off-road use. It also makes them a tool that many people are going to want to think about installing on their car, truck, or off-road vehicles. With that being said, it’s extremely important for consumers to do their research and make sure that they buy the best one possible for their needs. And that’s precisely the purpose of this guide. In this guide, we help to show everyone what they need to look for when buying the best-LED light bar for their needs. 

Why Purchase A LED Light Bar?

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of choosing a new LED light bar, we want to take a few moments and tell our readers some of the reasons why they might want to purchase a new LED light bar. Below are the top reasons that we could come up with for people buying a light bar. 

Higher Longevity

One of the biggest reasons for choosing an LED light bar is that these lights have a longer lifespan than other types of lights. On average, an LED light bar will last approximately 50,000 hours before they need to be replaced. In contrast, a halogen bulb only lasts 5,000 hours. 

They Allow Vehicle Customization

Another reason to purchase one of these products is that they give the driver almost endless configuration options. Since these lights come in a variety of different styles, shapes, and sizes, consumers can add these light bars to create a customized style for their vehicle and to deliver the exact amount of light they need. 

They’re Energy-Efficient

Another reason to choose an LED bar over a halogen model is that they’re more energy-efficient. HID bulbs consume quite a bit of energy to produce light, while LED lights only need a fraction of the power to run.

They’re Smaller Than HID Bulbs

These lights also take up less space than comparable HID light bars. That gives the consumer more options as to where they place the light bar. It also means that they’re not as heavy as HID light bars, so consumers don’t have to worry about additional weight slowing down their vehicle.

How To Choose A LED Light Bar

Now that we know why a person should purchase a LED light bar, it’s time to take a quick look at some of the features that the consumer is going to want to consider before they purchase a new one. This will ensure that they buy the best-LED light bar for their vehicle. 

The Bar’s Length

One of the first things that the consumer is going to want to decide on is the size of the light bar. And the size of the light bar they’re going to need will depend on what type of vehicle it’s going to be installed on. For example, anyone searching for a light bar to install on their truck is probably going to want to think about a light bar between 42-inches and 50-inches in size. However, if they’re searching for a light bar to add in their grill or a light bar for a smaller vehicle, then they might want to choose one that’s between 7-inches and 22-inches in size. 32-inch light bars are good mid-size bars that can be used for a variety of different vehicles.

The Bar’s Weather-Resistance

Another thing to think about is weather resistance. After all, your vehicle is going to be out in the weather, so the light bars are going to be exposed to everything from rain and dust to snow. Therefore, it’s important to choose a bar that has enough protection against the elements. Below are some of the weather-resistance ratings that consumers will find on light bars, along with an explanation of the protection they provide. 

  • IP66: Protects against jet-projected water and dust.
  • IP67: Protects against temporary immersion in water up to 3-feet and against dust.
  • IP68: Resistant to constant immersion in 3-feet or more of water and against dust.
  • IP69K: Resistant to high-temperature water, high-pressure, and dust. 

The Bar’s Beam Angle

The last thing the consumer is going to want to think about is the bar angle of the LED light bar. As a general rule, there are three different beam angles that light bars CAN have. These angles include spotlight, flooding lighting, and a combination of both spot and floodlighting. Not all light bars have all three of these settings, so the consumer is going to want to make sure they consider what they need, and then choose the light bar that conforms to their needs. That will allow them to choose the LED light bar that fits their needs the best and lights the path they need to light it.