345/85R16 in inches

How tall is a 345 85R16 tire?

When converted to inches, the equivalent of a 345/85R16 tire size is 39x13.6R16. It means that:

  • height overall (or diameter) is 39 inches
  • tread width is 13.6 inches
  • wheel diameter is 16 inches

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345/85R16 tire size in inches
345/85R16 tire size chart

345/85R16 tire size in inches

345/85R16 Height / overall diameter: 39 inches
Height / overall diameter
39 inches
345/85R16 Tread width: 13.6 inches
Tread width
13.6 inches
345/85R16 Sidewall: 11.5 inches
11.5 inches
345/85R16 Wheel diameter: 16 inches
Wheel diameter
16 inches
345/85R16 Circumference: 122.5 inches
122.5 inches
345/85R16 Revolutions: 517 per mile
517 per mile

345/85R16 — what does it mean?

  • 345 stands for tread width in millimeters
  • 85 is an aspect ration between the tread width and the sidewall in percents
  • R means that the tire has a radial construction
  • 16 is a wheel diameter (or rim) in inches

345/85R16 tire code
345/85R16 tire code

How to convert 345 85R16 to inches?

First of all, we need to divide 345 mm (width) by 25.4 (mm to inch conversion), which will give us a width of 13.6″. Then, 85% of the 13.6″ will result in 11.5″ sidewall.

To get the total height or tire diameter, we need to sum the 16″ rim diameter with two of the sidewall heights. It will result in a 39″ total tire diameter (or height).

For your convenience, below is a table for 345/85R16 conversion to inches:

Inches Metric
Overall diameter (height) 39″ 991 mm
Tread width 13.6″ 345 mm
Wheel diameter 16″ 991 mm
Sidewall height 11.5″ 293 mm
Circumference 122.5″ 3112 mm
Revolutions 517 / ml 321 / km

Alternatives to a 345/85R16 tire

If you're looking to upsize your 345 85R16 tires, try to stay within 3% deviation of an overall diameter for safety reasons.

Tire Tire diameter Width Wheel Size
355/80R16 38.4″ -0.41% 14″ 16″