AMC Cinema’s

I went to an AMC cinema for the first time ever on Sunday night to watch Think Like A Man. I went to the one in Altemonte Springs shopping mall. I love cinema’s,and I am an avid movie buff,which for the past few years has kind of been put on the back burners due to a major change in my life.

BUT in saying that whenever I get to go to a cinema I jump at the chance,and seeming I won two silver AMC tickets,and to large coke’s via My Coke Rewards,and a movie being out my wife wanted to see we went. 

The movie we saw was good,the screen we watched it on was good. The seats where good. I am a big person,and there was plenty of room for me in the seat,BUT the seats where to close to each other. The guy next to me was kind of annoyed as I have wide shoulders. So in terms of the seats they need to be put about an inch more away from each other.

The lobby was kept pretty keen considering the amount of people traipsing through with popcorn,and other food stuffs. The lobby had its usual ticket checker to ensure everyone who got through the kiosk had paid. Not something I can really complain about. But the price of the consumables is still far to much. My wife paid $5.75 for a small bag of popcorn. Why? About $0.10 worth of corn,and $0.10 worth of butter on them for $5.75. Even making it $1.50 is still making an incredible profit.

So if you like consuming something whilst watching a movie in a cinema most of us know that deep pockets will keep hold of candy packs,and bottle of soda will fit nicely in a hand bag. That’s if you’re with someone who carries a hand bag. I usually wear jeans with deep enough pockets to hold a soda on one side,and candy on the other. It’s just more practical on your budget. Even more so if you have to pay for AMC ticket prices. We on this occasion as I earlier explained already had free tickets.

My wife and I had turned up to the same cinema,and they wanted a little over $70.00 for four adults,and a child. A weeks worth of food for most families. We decided that we would wait until the movie we intended on seeing came out on Redbox for $1.00.

AMC,and any business in general need to realise we as consumers of any kind need to live. Yes they have overheads,yes they need to survive,BUT so do its customers. Without customers AMC would not have any money coming in,people would lose jobs. 

Although AMC does not force us to come,it just provides a service. We choose to use it or not. I for one will not be using AMC,and I am glad the nearest AMC to us is a little under an hour away,and we only used them due to having free tickets,and people we know lived nearer to it than we did who we happened to go see that night.

The small city we live in has Epic cinema’s which is a fair bit cheaper in terms of tickets,and the matinee price doesn’t finish until six in the evening. So my choice for now will always be Epic. Even if I had a bottomless pit of money to use why would I not use Epic still? It’s seats recline better,and wider,and a little further apart. So my money goes further,and is better value,for a little better quality seating. Yes the screens might not be as big,but that is not something to complain about because any cinema I have been to in what ever country I have been is will always be big enough.

AMC also charges you an extra $3.00 to upgrade to a gold ticket? What the hell? I had to pay $3.00 for the gold ticket from the silver ones we had just because the movie we where seeing hadn’t been on for two weeks of more. It’s insane. It’s like charging someone for air.

AMC can take other people’s money. I am just happy we only had to pay $3.00. The up points for me where the movie we saw,and actually being able to go out without someone else hovering over my wife,and I. I would suggest using an extra $2.00 of gas to find a much cheaper cinema to save about $10.00 on tickets.

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