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American Airlines Company Description

American Airlines Company Description

American Airlines, Inc. known by the stock ticker symbol AA, is one of the major airlines based in the United States. American Airlines is the world’s largest airline in terms of passenger miles flown and passenger fleet size. The airline is the third largest in terms of aircraft operated and second in the world in terms of operating revenues. In 2005, the airline flew more than 138 billion revenue passenger miles.


American Airlines is a subsidiary of the AMR Corporation.  Starting in 1929, a company called The Aviation Corporation was created with the purpose of acquiring new aviation companies.  By 1930, the Aviation Corporation’s smaller airline holdings were incorporated into a subsidiary known as American Airways, Inc.  In 1934, American Airways was renamed and became American Airlines, Inc.  The company has grown to become not only one of the largest airlines in the world, but also one of the biggest companies in terms of assets and revenue in the United States.

 The company holds its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.  In fact, the offices are next to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.  The airline operates flights everyday with destinations throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Canada.  Subsidiaries of the company also fly to South America, Europe, and Asia.

Working at American Airlines Inc can be a great career path for people in a variety of fields.  American Airlines Inc careers include business management, accounting, customer service, and a variety of aviation specific careers such as pilots and stewardesses.  American Airlines Inc benefits typically include health care, a 401(k) plan, and average wages for the industry.  The most famous and sought-after benefits, however, have to do with the industry itself.  Employees of  American Airlines are entitled to free travel for themselves on any American Airlines plane (subject to availability) and a limited number of free tickets for their family and friends.  Pilots and other careers which are regulated by the FAA are offered generous pension benefits. 

Current employees of the company report that the American Airlines Inc culture is one of professionalism.  The majority of employees are college educated, and share a love of travel and adventure.  While the company does require its employees to work on holidays and weekends in order to meet customer demands for round-the-clock travel, employees of American Airlines report that they accepted this as a condition of their employment, and can plan around it.

Part II: Company Review

American Airlines Inc reviews are generally positive, with the majority of employees rating the company above average compared to other companies in the aviation industry.  An overall American Airlines Inc rating states that the company does well with growth opportunities and benefits, but is rated only average with compensation.  An American Airlines Inc job review shows that the company only does slightly better than average with ratings of senior management, work-life balance, and career advancement. 

Many employees report general job satisfaction at American Airlines Inc, and are happy with the opportunities that the company provides.  Employees who work on the corporate side of the house have good opportunities for advancement to senior management.  Pilots and flight attendants report general satisfaction with their benefits and salaries.

Complaints about jobs at American Airlines usually center around the number of hours worked.  Everyone involved with customer service or operations at the airline is required to work over weekends and holidays.  This can lead to long hours for some shift workers.  Employees do state, however, that the enhanced compensation and benefits for employees who work these extended hours are adequate, however.

Part III: Company Salary
An American Airlines Inc salary is considered to be on par with salaries throughout the airline industry.  Unionized employees of American Airlines, including their pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and customer service workers report that American Airlines Inc salaries are standard for the industry.  Non-unionized employees of American Airlines, such as those in management and accounting also report that the payscale at American Airlines Inc. is in line with industry averages.

Benefits at American Airlines are viewed very favorably by the employees.  All American Airlines employees are granted free flights in jump seats aboard the company’s aircraft.  While these flights are available if space permits, the option to travel for free is considered a great perk by many employees.  Employees are also given a number of free tickets to be used by friends and family members.  The number of tickets given out depends on the seniority of the employee and his or her position in the company. 

In addition, employees of American Airlines receive health insurance, a retirement plan that in some cases can include a pension, and numerous other benefits including discounted travel and hotels, disability insurance, and worker’s compensation. 

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