Audi a4 vs. a6 vs. A8: Design Triathlon

Audi A4 vs. A6 vs. A8: Designový trojboj

Trinity German sedans in the classic style, and in all cases is one of the best selling vehicles in their segments.

Hierarchical model humblest Championships today’s Audi A4.

The car, representing the middle class, are produced in two body styles (sedan, station wagon + version Allroad).

The subject of today compared to the sedan will, because the model A8 models produced and updated estate form estate A6 series so far unknown.

Audi A4

Audi A4 Front Lot respects the trend of its brand, whose dominant feature is the large grille in the style, known as Singleframe. In addition, this unit is used to supply air to the engine intake still two openings on both ends of the bottom of the bumper. This solution is a common feature not only the comparison of three models, but also the entire Audi model.

The car in the new generation sought to strengthen the sporty image, because its design was due, more stringent than predecessors. This intention is visible in a side view of the body, which interrupt the clean surface two lines intersect with the top of the profile and is bounded by front and rear lamps. The rear lights are installed in a dynamic form, which is similar to the combi.

The interior of the A4 is technicist focused and often rather questionable attempts at originality seeks friendly ergonomic driver’s workplace. The dashboard is designed system, which pioneered the Nuvolari concept car in 2003 and has been gradually applied to the majority of the Audi model range.

A key feature of the system is a huge center console, instrument connected with pointers. The broken parts in the driver’s workplace, then contrasts the relatively peaceful part of the dashboard on the passenger seat, the visual clarity and suspended nerušenost massive chrome trim.

Audi A6

Visually, the car represents the latest Audi A6. The headlights are compared with the A4 and A8 complicated shape and has knowledge of the dynamic appearance than the previous version. Modernization has also affected the grille, the outer shape of the upper parts has a fault, which aims to refresh your nose.

Despite the fact that the essential features of the profile is maintained (for example, the shape of the side windows), modified elements added a whole new look. When viewed from the side of the chassis deliver relief Raised rear lamps. Previously peaceful frame profile has been revived. The overall proportions are surprisingly similar to the smaller A4, as just mentioned is a reference crease on A8.

The rear parts were processed by a concave depression diversify and now operates more compact and sportier. Combined with his lantern optics closer to those of the A8. The whole is more vivid and better reflects contemporary trends in brand. The trio of sedans can be described as by far the most progressive.

The interior of the A6 has undergone a thorough modernization. Aesthetic representation based on the Audi AZ and a visible departure from the style of layout design elements described in the Audi A4. The dashboard is nicely restrained by a long line that starts and ends in handles on the doors. You can add a whole wooden decor, whose presence adds to the cozy cabin and adds a touch of luxury.

Audi A8

The flagship brand, Audi A8, was in his public performances often associated with the Audi A4, which is two classes below. Association initiated a particularly stern, which is compared with previous generations dekorovanější and which, like the A4 and A6, decorate the upper part concave crest.

A profile is a classic kind. Compared to the minimalist side partiím conceived last edition sedan manufacturers bet on athletic shape, crowned by a dynamic slot. The aesthetic surgery but failed to hurt the majestic appearance pětimetrového car. Massive overhangs help to distinguish the A8 from the smaller model series.

In the case of croup apply what has been said above in the Audi A6 – light and proportions are active sports, which stands out especially in comparison with competing models. A8 is true to the traditions brand – each illuminated segments combined lamps consisting of LEDs are arranged in the original group.

The dashboard is more accessible from the A4 and A6 models differ significantly. Unlike them, it does not oriented towards the driver, but the horizontal lines in the spirit of previous generations, starting in place of the driver’s work goes straight to the other end of the whole. The dominant feature is a huge part of the decor, which are optically recessed ventilation system vents. Corners of the cabin can be backlit with white, red and orange paint, which supports technicist image of the interior.

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