Before The Fall, Asiana Pilot Flashes of Light Exposure

SAN FRANCISCO- The pilot of the Asiana Airlines plane that crashed while trying to land at San Francisco International Airport, United States of America (USA) exposed to aflash of light admitted.Unknown source of the light. When giving his statement to investigators the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), pilot Lee Gang-Guk and Lee Jung-Min, claimed exposed a flash of light when they wanted to go down to 500 feet. “They said, an unknown light emerging from the ground. Causes their light under blinded conditions for 34 seconds, just before the accident,” NTSB director Deborah Hersman said, as quoted bythe Associated Press,Thursday (11/07/2013). Hersman did not know where the origin of the light.Themselves require further investigation to confirm whether it came from the laser light. Height of 500 feet is a condition where both pilots know that the aircraft was too low and the speed is below the normal limit.In the end, the aircraft owned airline South Korea (ROK), it finally crashed while approaching the runway and killed two people. Previously another pilot who was in the cockpit when the accident took place claimed that they could not see the runway before it crashed. It was described by the pilot Bong Dongwon to the NTSB investigators. Dongwon Bong admitted he could not see the ground covered mindless aircraft nose.Dongwon said, she tried to abort the landing after realizing it.However, this action was already too late.

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