Believe It or Not! Dissatisfied Chinese Destroys Lamborghini Gallardo – Watch The Video

You know that Lamborghini Gallardo supercar dream with a V10 engine of 560 horsepower, offered up to US$ 500,000? Believe it or not, there are those who destroy such a car. It happened in China, more precisely in the region of Qingdao. Dissatisfied with your car, a Chinese consumer decided to destroy it.

The problems began in November when the Gallardo gave even match. The owner took the car to the dealership’s brand and not had the problem solved, and welcome you with breakdowns. After numerous repair attempts and even a contact Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Italian carmaker, the problem is not resolved and the owner took a drastic decision.


Disgusted, he summoned the press and several people in the Chinese Consumer Day, this Tuesday (15) and destroyed the car with hammer blows and kicks. The supercar was completely destroyed and tore the hearts of many fans around the world. Is it worth it to take an attitude like that?

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