BMW Mimicked Volvo Make Airbag Outside The Car

Reported by The Age, Monday (04/06/2012) BMW Volvo mimic the idea by applying the airbagout of the car. Because pedestrian safety is a main staple for all car manufacturers like BMW.

BMW assess pedestrians are particularly vulnerable to collisions. Therefore, the airbagcan be recognized outside of the car hit a pedestrian injury was hit by a car.

If Volvo would apply PedestrianDetection system that will inflate at a speed of 50 km / hon a Volvo V40, then the BMW will embed it in a future feature BMW X5.

Unfortunately the concept that BMW has not offered clear. Is exactly like the idea of​​the Volvo airbag inflates in the windshield. But certainly, as the BMW concept protects pedestrians.

“The safety of pedestrians is one aspect of the crash testing requirements that we seek in a BMW,” BMW spokesman, Scott Piers.

Pedestrian Detection with a BMW X5 will be introduced at the Los Angeles Motor Show in 2014, before its official debut in Autralia in 2015. BMW boasted, Pedestrian Detection will be pinned on all BMW X5 models.

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