Car From 1939 Dressed in Plexiglas | The First Transparent Car in The USA

The first car made ​​of transparent Plexiglas U.S. in 1939 was sold at auction for an amount of moneyunspecified write site Core 77 .

In the ’30s, General Motors has worked with a company, Rohm & Haas, working to improve the glass to create better materials.With the invention of Plexiglas, General Motors has invested $ 25,000, a fabulous sum at the time to create the first transparent car in America.Six Delux machine is a Pontiac in 1939 and was exhibited in 1940 at the exhibition “Highway and Horizons” in New York.Car designer Norman Bel plexiglas was Geddes.

The car is part of the interior (such as board) covered in chrome.Original white tires have remained until this day, and all the car is very well preserved and is on board only 138 kilometers.Excellent condition in which the car is mainly due to the quality perspex plastics used to manufacture cars in that time, which degrade in a few years.

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