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Cars That Can Fly

Cars That Can Fly

Cars that can fly.

Called by the name of the Transition, these versatile vehicles have two seats, four wheels and retractable wings. This vehicle is expected to be available next year in the U.S. at a price of U.S. $ 279,000 or approximately USD 2.5 billion.

With a certificate from the FAA, this means the company has permission to fly in U.S. air for flight test purposes. The company expects this car will get a light aircraft license.

This vehicle had previously undergone successful test flight at Plattsburgh International Airport near Montreal, Canada last month. The flight test is a retired U.S. Air Force pilot tested the Transition on March 23 voluntarily.

This vehicle is flying at an altitude of 1400 feet or about 462 feet above the surface of the earth for eight minutes. The design of this vehicle is the result of marriage according Schwegart air and ground vehicles are feasible. Unlike a normal plane, when taking off the rear wheel does not swing as they are designed to keep the car stable when on land.

The technicians also find the speed needed more than anticipated to produce the required lift during takeoff. With wings that can be pulled to make these vehicles can still enter the garage. But along 520 meters of land required as a spur off.

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