Chevy Volt, Toyota Prius, Vw Sportwagen Among Aaa’s Top Picks

how do you receive to work any single day? If you’re such as the vast majority of Americans — 86% to be precise — an individual hop within the family automobile or perhaps truckster and additionally hit the road. Many technicians have a lot of ideas about just how commuting can be better, however presuming they’re not going to build up a subway cease at just our door and additionally we’re not going to have a private helicopter, the car stays the essential realistic choice for most of us.

The average U.S. travel is currently 25 minutes everyday therefore the concern boils down to just how enjoyable and additionally expensive which journey can be any single day. Deciding on suitable vehicle can render the daily trudge a bit more fun and affordable, especially with gas pricing hovering around $3.40 a gallon. 

AAA is the newest to sketch up a list of the cars it thinks needs to be on your own list of considerations, using the results of test drives and additionally reviews by AAA Car Buying technicians.

“Having an automobile who is reliable, fuel-efficient and pleasurable really can render a differences in the everyday system.” can say John Nielsen, manager, AAA Automotive Engineering & Repair. 

Right here are really AAA’s top chooses in any single category, with fuel efficiency, comfort and also general performance being the prime factors regarded by the AAA experts.

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