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Dangers Swallowing Semen?

Dangers Swallowing Semen?

Dangers Swallowing Semen?

WHEN to perform oral on the penis, sometimes semen released during erection could be intentionally or unintentionally swallowed by his wife. Is it dangerous?
Semen containing sperm is the result of a process of ejaculation. When removed from the penis, the semen of white liquid that sometimes contain yellow or gray.
There are several reasons a woman would swallow their partner’s sperm, either because they function as erotic gratification for them. Some also have a sperm swallowing husband as a sign of subservience.
But is it dangerous? Or does it have health benefits?
Apparently, semen has been proven by science contains large amounts of nutrients for the human body. According to experts, one-time activity ejaculation contains about 150 mg of protein, 6 mg of fat, 11 mg carbohydrate, 3 mg cholesterol, 3 percent iron and copper, 7 per cent potassium. Overall, the semen during ejaculation contains 0.7 kcal, as reported by Healthmad, Saturday (28/01/2012).

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