DIY Vehicle Fuel Saving Devices and LPG Gas

One way to save on fuel consumption in motor vehicles, and the use of liquefied petroleum gas for home gas stoves will require saving devices that can easily make your own. saving devices were selected using a magnet from the speaker magnet because it proved to be their effectiveness.

HOW installation:
MAGNET plug on the fuel hose leading to the carburetor.
for the magnetic material is taken from the speakers, the price of a small size speaker 1.5 watts =  arround  $1, taking the magnetic course. below the magnetic fuel saver expensive version of the commercial
 the price is arround $18, website:
the price is arround $16 website:
The test results

testing of the former speaker magnet saving devices in the car “isuzu holden Gemini” turbo diesel 1500cc.

Sunday, 1 April 2012, from Bekasi City to Kebumen City, fill until overflowing diesel fuel at the pump on Cibitung. traveling through the toll Cipularang, AC always on, with many rise road conditions, the contents of the next solar frontier West Java – Central Java exactly in Banjar fuel depots, on odometer show 300km miles , add until the full content of diesel fuel, the cost of Rp 75rb (arround $7.5)
the following equation:
Rp 75rb : Rp 4500 (diesel/liter) = 16.67 liters
300 km: 16.67 liter = 18
so 1 liters of diesel can reach 18 Km, or FC = 1: 18

Tuesday, 10 April 2012, test on fc gemini, started from toll Cileunyi Bandung to Cibitung bekasi toll. before entering the toll Cileunyi Bandung, until the full content of diesel fuel, incoming toll Cipularang, min speed of 80 km/h, max 120 km/h, conditioned on hold, got stuck at around 2x as there are fillings Cikampek toll road, motorway exit Cibitung bekasi, km the odometer shows 153 miles, continue to enter the gas station / filling station, again full content of diesel fuel, the cost of Rp 33rb (arround $3.3).
the following equation:
Rp 33rb : Rp 4500 (diesel / liter) = 7.33 liters
beaten distance = 153 km
153 km: 7.33 liter = 20.86
so its fuel consumption = for 1 liter diesel can for 20.86 km, or FC = 1: 20.86

 Before the magnet fitted, FC = 1:18
 Once fitted with a magnetic, FC = 1:21
 Means there is a savings of 3 km/liter, or 3/18 x 100 = 16.7%

in keeping with the Basic Theory –>

how to install is easily, without pertamax, no water, no stun, no maintenance.
1. lower engine temperature / cold before.
2. fuel-efficient + – 15%
3. diesel engine sound is softer
4. pull so lightly, need speeding continues …
5. install morbidly complicated, simply put magnets on fuel hose

when installed in the 2 stove gas burner (LPG gas burner)
before fitted with a magnet, a combustible furnace, furnace 2 is rather difficult but flame, 3x “click” than flame, after the former fitted with a speaker magnet, furnace 1 and furnace 2 is easy to light, enough “click” 1x. 3 kg gas which is usually only for 1 week or 7 days, after which can be fitted with a powerful magnet is can be last to 12 days, mean difference in savings: 12 – 7 = 5 days
if contrived percentages: 5/7 x 100 = 71%

for the more detail info, photographs, picture mounting, as well as direct evidence of the savings could be seen on the following link references or source (in Indonesia language):

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