Donate Your Car New Jersey Without Getting Duped


Donation has always been a a good thing. Whether it is cash or donations in kind like for example may be a car, the chance for a donation, for the sake of making the life of underprivileged children beautiful should never be lost. The car donation industry is a well noted one in the US and a large amount of fund is collected through car donations in New Jersey as well as across the other states in the USA. There is no dearth of charities that accepts car donations new Jersey but of late, a concern has also surfaced. According to findings conducted, there are few fraudulent charities that fundraise through such car donation programs. The donors are deceived and the much useful fund is diverted, never reaching the actual people in need. It is easier for people to get deceived as they comes across the many solicitations and ads of used cars in newspapers and more. However, what the general mass fail to understand that the ads might not always be from worthy charities. Hence, what is the ideal solution?

The solution is simple. When you choose to donate your car New Jersey, ensure that you are taking some precautions. There is a very old saying like, ‘A Stitch in time, saves nine’. That is why it is important that you have a checklist ready that can save you from falling prey to a scam later and end up losing your prized car.

So, what are the small things that you can tick off prior to donating? The following are are a must:

  • Look to it that the organization you are donating the car to is a registered one

  • Ensure that the non-profitable organization is a 501 (c) (3) organized. If it is not, then you will not be eligible for a tax deduction that is allowed to car donors.

  • Find out about the sum of money that will go as the fund

  • Make sure that the title papers are in place

  • Remove the number plates

  • Ask for a proper receipt of the donation made. If your car is auctioned off, then you are eligible to get all the proper documents for documenting larger donations.

However, these are some good pointers about the organization where you donate your car New Jersey. Things do not here as there are some things that you need to do as well to ensure that your car donation New Jersey does not go in vain. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What Is The Purpose of The Charity Organization- If the organization is accepting the car on donation, then it has got a purpose for it. One has to find out what te purpose is first. It is necessary to see whether the car is sold off or it is used by the needy children as part of their programs. It is also necessary to find out how much of the amount, if the car is sold will actually go into funding the programs that the organizations run.

  • What Is The Fate of The Money That Is Gathered- When you donate your car New Jersey, you would always want that the fund that comes from it is used in the right place and for the correct cause. If possible, before letting them tow away the car, ask for the financial report of the previous year and see how much money goes in funding the various charitable programs that the organizations claim to run.

  • Double-Cross The Status of the Non-Profitable Organization- It is not wrong to run triple checks if you are not sure about the organization. The point is to donate to a IRS recognized non-profitable organization and not just to any company that picks up cars on the behalf of a charity and then uses it for themselves. Confirm that the organization is a renowned one and will value your car donation.

The world nowadays runs on glitz and glamour and charities too unfortunately are not devoid of it. However, as all that glitters are not gold, make sure that you are not duped by the shine and shimmer of emotional ads or offers that are lucrative but are nothing more than false promises. Understand that you are donating for a good cause and when you donate a car as part of car donations New Jersey, you are doing it without thinking of any return. It is good to trust your instincts, but then be aware and donate your car New Jersey to an organization that values it.

Author Bio: Diyana Lobo is a freelance writer. She is a social activist too and her recent blog is a good read on how car donations New Jersey work in favor of underprivileged children and help them lead a better life. But, it is necessary that the donation is made to a proper organization so that the donation is a worthwhile one.

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