Fast Cars for The Richest Amongst The Rich

April arrived to bless us with rain, hailstorms, sunshine and, oh, heavens, the Top Marques Show for cars. Yet, if you think you´ll be lucky to go there to purchase one of those fast and shiny cars, you’re joking. Unless, of course, one’s has achieved to get one these plum jobs where one doesn’t have much to do except for collecting a six figure check with few perks included, or it may happen that one belongs to one of these families that can afford all what money can buy. 

If this isn’t the case, then, the Top Marques Show in Monaco isn’t for you or me. It isn’t even for the well off, but it’s for the richest amongst the rich. 

If I am not wrong, the show of shows took place from April 19th to the 22snd. For a few days, fast and shiny cars were on display to marvel those who went along. All the luxury car brands were there to showcase their product and here there is no place for mainstream brands or “eco-boxes”. I guess it will be here where the 500 Euro note will circulate easily, because and, as some should know, this 500 Euro note has been nicknamed as the “ghost note”, because everybody knows there’s one, but many of us have never seen it, never mind having a feel of it! 

But as we say, there’s always room for improvement and this show has introduced a novelty. Not only they offer the most expensive cars on Earth, but it seems that on this year’s show, they had luxury boats and yachts on display too! Those who want to buy a car are allowed to try them  having a drive. Then, I think that being Monaco a tiny country and being these cars so fast, I wonder if they didn’t well passed beyond their border. I also wonder if they were also allowed to try one of these boats or yachts in the blue water of the Mediterranean. Maybe, they are, because money can buy everything, even favours. 

Beautiful and modern van, I’d say, to tour the world with the same comfort they have at home. What do we think? The richest amongst the rich also fancy to add up a bit of adventure in their everyday living. They also like to feel the sun rays and to be in contact with Nature.

Well, I am not jealous of them. I have always been a pedestrian and I am proud if it. But at a time when the gap between the very rich and the poor is widening, I do truly think it is quite an insult to these millions condemned to unemployment, to dwell in the streets, because they have lost their homes or to have to go to sleep with an empty stomach. Quite an insult, I’d say.

As it is said one never stops learning and if I knew that Monaco is a tiny Principality and the place for gambling and a tax paradise, now, I know it is the place to purchase a very fast and shiny car that will get my neighbours green with envy to exclaim Oh, look at this! I wonder what she did to manage one of these cars!  

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