Great Ways to Simplify Your Overseas Move

If you have to move overseas, then there are a few things that can help you in simplifying the process. Some need to be done before and some during the move, but doing these things can definitely help lessen your stress level. Some of these measures are mentioned below.

Get Rid Of Unwanted And Unused Items. Once your move is confirmed, then rummage through all your household items and isolate the things that are not needed in your new destination. Organize a garage sale to get rid of all your old, unwanted or simply unused items. There is no point in lugging everything if you are just going to dump it in an out of the way corner in your new home.

If your furniture is old and creaky then dispose of it. An international shipping company will be charging you based on the size of your items and not on weight. Check out the voltage and the side on which the cars drive in your host country. If they don’t match, sell your car before you go and buy a new one when you arrive at your destination. You could even donate it to charity.

Close All Your Accounts. As the moving-day approaches, start closing down all your accounts such as bank accounts and apply for the disconnection of all your utilities such as cable, Internet, power, water, etc. Clear off their bills in advance instead of waiting till the last day.

Employ The Services Of An International Shipping Company. This is one of the most important things to do so you have peace of mind before, during, and after your move. Check out the various services offered by different moving companies before deciding on any one of them. An international shipping company, which offers packing, transporting, clearing and unpacking services should be preferred.

If their packing charges are high, then you can do the packing yourself. You will need to purchase bubble-wrap, wrapping paper or newsprint and packing tape along with cartons to pack and seal your household items.

The international shipping company of your choice should have its own trucks for transportation, should have tracking features, whereby you can monitor the progress of your items, should be aware of the correct procedure and custom duties of your host country and should also have an office in the host country for better co-ordination.

In addition, the international shipping company should also help you in insuring your items during transit and storage to prevent any financial loss in case things go wrong. The rates offered by the international shipping company too should be reasonable and their services should be prompt and their efforts sincere.

Whether you are packing yourself or letting the company do the packing, it is better if you pack your items room-wise and mark the name of the room on the cartons. That way, when your cartons reach your new home, you can unload them in the proper room and unpack them in a simple manner.

So, in short, take only those items that are absolutely necessary in your new home. Dispose of all other items and plan the shutdown of your utilities and accounts before the due date. Hire an economical international shipping company that can take care of all your moving issues in an organized and professional manner. Happy moving!

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