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Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair

Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair

The Ironhead Sportster did not come equiped with an automatic transmission. Those old motorcycles had a four gear transmission that was operated with a manual clutch. Wild custom motorcycle riders could rev the Sportster engine up and pop the clutch to achieve a quick wheelie. Fun and games aside the manual transmission is an important part of the motorcycle. Here is a look into it.


Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair Design

The Ironhead Sportster clutch repair design is really simple. It is designed to release the the clutch so the front or primary chain stops turning the rear chain. A clutch release mechanism is used to allow the rear wheel to stop being turned by the engine. The clutch release mechanism is connected to a clutch lever by a clutch cable. To work an Ironhead Sportster Clutch the clutch lever usually is clamped to the left side of the handle bar. That allows the cable to run freely down to and enter the primary chain cover. th For a Harley Davidson Ironhead Sportster the whole clutch mechanism is covered with a primary chain cover on the left side of the engine. Why do right handed bikers have to learn how to use an Ironhead Sportster clutch with their left hand?

Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair Manual

This Ironhead Sportster clutch repair manual clutch is operated by the clutch lever. The cable is connected to a lever on the release ramp. The pull pushes the ramp into the releasing disc. The disc pushes in the pressure plate. That gets pushed in far enough to release the eight drive-plates and eight driven plates. The Ironhead Sportster clutch shell continues to turn with the engine sprocket. The clutch shell stops turning the main shaft sprocket and the rear chain. Why isn’t a motorcycle clutch as simple looking as a cars?

Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair Slipping

The Ironhead Sportster clutch repair slipping problem can be solved.  There are a couple of reasons the Ironhead Sportster Clutch slips. First there is an incorrect clutch release adjustment. Then one must check and adjust the clutch release mechanism as described under ADJUSTING CLUTCH RELEASE MECHANISM. Or it could be insufficient clutch spring tension. To fix this check and adjust clutch spring tension as described under ADJUSTING CLUTCH SPRING TENSION. Why are there only two reasons an Ironhead Sportster clutch slips?

Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair Draging

The Ironhead Sportster clutch repair dragging problem can also get fixed. First of all the clutch drags because of incorrect clutch release adjustment. It then says one must check and adjust clutch release mechanism as described under ADJUSTING CLUTCH RELEASE MECHANISM. Then the manual says worn clutch release ramps or balls. The manual then says one should replace release ramps and/or balls. See INSPECTING CLUTCH RELEASE MECHANISM. The owners manual says the third reason an Ironhead Sportster clutch drags is because of warped clutch steel plates. To fix this it says replace clutch steel plates. See INSPECTION AND REPAIRING CLUTCH. The final reason an Ironhead Sportster clutch drags given is badly worn or damaged clutch sprocket plates. The owners manual then says to replace clutch sprocket. See INSPECTING AND REPAIRING CLUTCH. Why shouldn’t the Ironhead Sportster clutch work like brand new every time the clutch lever gets pulled?

Ironhead Sportster Clutch Repair Trick

The Ironhead Sportster clutch repair trick is also simple. The releasing disc is held in place by six pressure plate nuts. Harley equipped the Ironhead Sportster clutch with six new lock nuts. It’s just that custom motorcycle riders never replace them lock nuts. The same ones get used over and over depending upon how many times something causes them to be loosened and then tightened back down again. This means the pressure plate nuts can vibrate loose somewhere on the road. When this happens the clutch will start slipping. While on the road one has to find some more gear and chain-case lube. That way the primary chain cover can be taken off and the pressure plate nuts can be tightened back down. One must watch out as they are tightened. That way the six stud spacers don’t get messed up. The trick to avoiding this problem is to use new lock nuts when ever the pressure plate nuts have to get loosened or removed. Some custom motorcycle riders use two nuts instead of just one. Others double nut it with one plain nut on top of a new lock nut. Why shouldn’t ever chopper rider be able to keep the custom motorcycle running on the road?

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