How to Check Automatic Transmission Fluid

Check automatic transmission fluid every month and whenever the transmission goes wrong.


  1. Park the car on level ground and start the engine, leaving the gear in neutral. Wait for the engine to warm up. If the car’s manual does not say anything, let the engine running during this procedure.
  2. Find rod automatic transmission fluid, located behind the engine.Transmission rod is usually shorter than the rod motor oil, but otherwise looks similar. If you’re lucky, will be labeled.
  3. Pull the stem and remove it entirely. It may be very long.
  4. Wipe the rod with a cloth, put it back into the engine, push it up again and remove it again.
  5. Look at the top of the stem. Look if there are two different markings: one for reading cool, one hot read. If so, read the one for hot. If the fluid does not reach the line marked “full”, add liquid.
  6. Add liquid to the hole through which the rod out. Use a funnel with a long neck and narrow. Add a little bit and check the rod after each casting. It is easy to add transmission fluid but it is quite difficult to remove if you put too much.
  7. Put the rod back inside when finished.


  • Consult your car manual to see what kind of transmission fluid should you use.
  • On some cars, the engine would not have to go check the fluid while, so be sure to consult the manual car.


  • Automatic transmission fluid should be consumed, so if you have a low level means there is a leak. Do not ignore leaks and do not drive a little transmission fluid, can lead to expensive repairs.
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