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How To Remove Paint From Alloy Wheels

How To Remove Paint From Alloy Wheels

Removing paint from alloy wheels is fairly straightforward, but it is not a DIY job. This is strictly one for the professionals.

The difficulty with removing paint from alloys is the time it takes. This can cause some professionals to think about rushing the process.  For instance, you could in theory remove paint from alloy wheels without first taking them off a vehicle. But you could run into trouble unless you’re careful and protect the tyres and valves.

The problem is the nature of the paint stripper. The moment you begin applying a chemical-based stripper, you run the risk of causing unwanted damage. The stripper could mark or even burn the rubber fabric of the tyres and valves.

You also have to scrape the paint from the alloy wheels with caution and skill. You need to ensure you don’t scratch the wheels, nick the tyres or cut into the valves with the scraping tool.

Another issue is the quality of the job. Most sets of alloy wheel have nooks and crannies. You’re unlikely to remove all the paint successfully with a stripper and a scraper.

With the above in mind, the best form of preparation is to take the alloy wheels off a vehicle and remove the tyres and valves.  Using an immersion bath with a chemical-based stripper isn’t advisable.  Firstly, the use of chemicals is controlled by health and safely legislation.  Secondly, the hazards of chemical strippers include noxious fumes and the risk of caustic burns. Another disadvantage is if you use chemicals to remove paint from alloy wheels, you will also need a filter press to remove the sludge that collects at the bottom.  Instead, use an immersion bath filled with a water-based alloy wheel paint remover.

With a water-based paint remover you don’t need a filter press. The solution doesn’t dissolve the paint and turn it into sludge. It strips the paint off the wheels in sheets. These fall to the bottom of the immersion bath. If you fit a removable mesh at the bottom of the bath, you can pull this out to remove the sheets of paint.

No paint sludge means you don’t have to pass a water-based wheel stripping solution through a filter. You can use the bath for the next batch of wheels straightaway.  

A further benefit of a water-based alloy wheel paint stripper is the effective job it does. Bench tests have proven that a water-based stripper is as good as a chemical paint remover.

When you heat a water-based paint remover to 600 C, it strips the paint from alloy wheels in two to four hours. Raise the temperature to 800 C and you should see results in as little as an hour and a half.

As with a chemical stripper, you may have to take your time with alloy wheels from some German vehicles. Because of the high quality of the manufacturers’ primers, the stripping solution could take more than four hours to work. However, you’ll definitely achieve perfect results.

What’s more, you can do all this in safety. Unlike a chemical paint stripper, a water-based solution is odour-free, non-toxic and has no restrictions on transportation.

So what you have with a water-based alloy wheel stripper is an economical, effective and safe alternative to a chemical paint remover. When you next have a customer asking you to remove paint from alloy wheels, be sure to use an immersion tank and a water-based remover. 

Author Bio’s : Chris Martin is an expert blogger. He also runs a business in car and vehicle maintenance. He writes blogs to share his experiences. Here, he teaches you how to strip paint from alloy wheels.  

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