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If I Hear Aston Kushners Name?

If I Hear Aston Kushners Name?

Can we stop now!
Stalkers in the family!

I will think of something to do to myself and put me out of my misery LOL, my nephew and son were relentless on getting near his house, not because of him but his girlfriend Milla (what ever her last name is) LOL.  They love her, which made them so determine on finding and getting a closer view of his home, it was getting so annoying !  For one day we went  to the top of the hills near the Hollywood sign, if you could Imagine that!  The streets up there are like a death trap or I would say like a roller coaster ride.  How in the world these people drive up and down these roads without having a heart attack (like my sister almost did numerous times) I will never know! To get to Ashton’s house is pretty much impossible because of stalkers like my son and nephew! lol  But after awhile and a whole lot of laughs, all turn out okay when we were on the Hollywood boulevard and the kid he starred with on The 70’s show walk right by us (his name is Wilmer Vanderama or something close to it) he played the Spanish kid on show..They were ready to take flight and start taking pictures of him and his girlfriend and follow them.  Rob, my son said he had eye contact with Wilmer and that you could tell he did not want to be noticed and that when he realized Robbie knew who he was, he started to move faster in the crowed! I had to stop the stalkers again, only kidding they were just having fun with the star gazing stuff!  Do you believe I missed Valerie Bertinelli getting her star on the walk of fame by a few hours, she Betty White and the rest of the cast from her show were there to honor her! We also went to this great shopping mall called the Grove where the best of the best goes.  Every car you see is Bentley’s, Rolls Royce’s, and a whole lot of others that my son knows the names of and right now do not have a clue, but I do know one thing one was more expensive than the other!  So much to do and see!  We went to this little strip mall, to go to Carvel no less and a Rolls Royce and valet parking was to the left of it, we found out that that restaurant had the best Sushi in town and all the stars go there, who would have thought it was not much on the eye this mall to say the least!  The Carvel ice cream we were in was one that Bob Hope went to all the time and Jay Leno goes in there every Sunday faithfully! All the little tidbits are coming back to me a little at a time!  You have to remember, there is only so much this little brain of mine can store, so little things are coming to me as the days go by.  Later guys!

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  1. Kristie Claar

    August 28, 2012

    Sounds like you had such a good time. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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