Lexus Gx 460: Luxury vs. Failure

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota has suspended sales of a version of the Lexus luxury brand in the U.S. and Canada after  RELIABILITY was put in doubt by a magazine profile.

For the first time in the last 10 years Consumer Reports has advised readers not to buy the Lexus version for reasons of safety, highlighted by test results.

“We take seriously as possible the situation on the GX 460 model and we are determined to identify and solve the problems indicated by Consumer Reports magazine. For now, we asked dealers to temporarily suspend sales of the GX 460, the 2010 version,” said subsidiary Toyota from U.S.

Car manufacturer is already involved in a recall campaign to repair the approximately nine million vehicles worldwide due to defects in acceleration and brake pedal.

“When we conducted our tests on the test circuit, the car slipped back almost to a horizontal position before electronic stabilization system to resume control,” states the magazine.

Toyota has not yet confirmed the existence of the problem indicated by Consumer Reports.

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