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Live Unexpected

Live Unexpected


Hi Everyone,

Have you ever experience seeing a wild leopard leap onto your Land Rover? How will you react? If you have no clue, please continue to read this short real inspiring story below. See the photo yourself.

A leopard leaps onto a Land Rover for his big close up. Sergey Kotelnikov was shocked when this overly camera-friendly young leopard jumped onto the roof of his vehicle in Namibia, close to the border with Botswana. Sergey Ivanov, who snapped the photo from an adjacent vehicle, said: “My friend was scared. I was frightened, too, even though I was on the roof of the other car, as you expect it to begin attacking. But we soon relaxed when we realised that this big kitten was just playing.”

At times, we need to relax and live with unexpected happenings. Hope this short story serve as a friendly reminder to work toward this direction especially those who have followed this blog and are able to see the world is changing too fast and is entering into unprecedented situations. Be ready not to get caught in such unexpected situation.

Live Now and enjoy every moment no matter what happens in your surrounding. Do not be afraid of anything which is not aligned to our thoughts.

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