Mg Was Officer Cadet’s First Car Part One

I read with great interest your Lost & Found article in the September issue, entitled Rally plates returned to rebuilt MG: MG J2 registration number WD 4642 was my first car. I had just left college and was about to embark on my two-year compulsory National Service in the Army in 1950, and my mother kindly presented me with my first car, none other than the J2. She had acquired it from Peter Hull who lived near Brackley, Northants, and whose wife worked in a hairdressing salon visited by my mother.

The car was then in immaculate condition and my mother paid £100 for it. The mechanicals were all original, down to the back-to-front crash ‘box and _____ tiny 850cc engine. The colour was BRG and it definitely had cycle-type wings. The journey from Towcester, where we lived, up tc Catterick camp took two days, with some of the journey on a towrope, and several hours spent at garages en route dealing with electrical faults and petrol starvation.

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