Paparazzi Got Pictures of The New Audi a3 Hatchback

Correspondents British publishers were able to get the Auto Express pictures the next generation Audi A3, the test sample which was observed during the tests. The images show the three-door hatchback, but the company had previously reported that the new design will receive a complete range A3:

  • Five-door hatchback;
  • Convertible;
  • Sedan;
  • Wagon.

If we carefully examine the front of the new items, you will notice that the grille has a trapezoidal shape, and the hood and headlights are also made in the new style. Thus, the new product is made in the style of the latest generation of Audi A5 and A6.

Representatives of the German company said that the interior of the future will be more family A3 bright and comfortable. Inside will be used high quality plastic, as part of interior design will be adopted from the model, the Audi A6.

Something that was known about the technical data vehicle. Audi A3 will be the first car to be built on a new platform MQB. It should be noted that it developed jointly with Volkswagen Corporation and the bulk of its construction is made of light alloys. Therefore, a new family of A3 will be easier for the current generation of 80 kilos.

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