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Range Rover Evoque Coupe Brings Joy All Round

Range Rover Evoque Coupe Brings Joy All Round

The Range Rover Evoque Coupe has enjoyed the trajectory of a meteor since its launch last year. You can sample some of its magic with a short self-drive hire.

When the Range Rover Evoque Coupe burst on to the scene last year everyone knew that a new star had arrived. What was not known was just how bright it would burn. Mass anticipation awaited the car and the huge success that it has become has been testament to that expectancy.

Domestic and international demand for the Range Rover Evoque has exceeded predictions to such a degree that the Jaguar Land Rover plant at Halewood are bursting with pride as they celebrate one year of production. Exceptional market response had already been generated pre-production with more than 18,000 orders in advance from customers all over the world. Range Rover Hire became practically the only way you could get behind the wheel of this amazing car. The meteoric demand continued and the manufacturing facility built almost 80,000 units in just nine months.

It is not surprising that this rising star of Prestige Car Hire generated such interest from drivers. The Range Rover Evoque has garnered more than 110 international awards, as well as praise from customers and journalists alike. It has won Top Gear Magazine Car of the Year, World Design Car of the Year, and North American Truck of the Year, amongst others. You will also be impressed by its looks, performance, off-road agility and class-leading ability to give a pleasurable drive when you take it on Range Rover Evoque Coupe Car Hire.

It is not just drivers of Car hire in UK who have gained from the benefits that this car brings. Prior to the launch, the workforce at the Halewood factory was increased to three thousand in order to meet expected demand. In March this year, the welcome announcement came from JLR that they would recruit a further thousand employees to keep pace with increasing demand on the Evoque, and the Freelander 2, also manufactured at the Merseyside facility. The plant now employs over four thousand people having trebled its workforce in just three years, bringing a huge amount of relief to the area. It appears as though the spin-offs from Range Rover Car Hire go beyond what one could imagine. Director of Operations at Halewood, Richard Else summed up the spectacular success story in his statement that ‘the Evoque is an incredibly exciting vehicle that continues to turn heads. Sales of the Evoque remain strong across all markets and here at the plant we are working hard to meet this demand’.

Representing the Best of British, the Rage Rover Evoque is not only manufactured 100% in the UK, but was wholly designed and engineered in Britain as well. This return to the golden age of British manufacturing yet with space-age design and techniques represents a winning package as 75% of production is exported to over 170 global markets. This generates an estimated £2 billion for the British economy in export value. Super Car Hire thus remains one of the best ways to get behind the wheel of this fiercely-demanded car.

Range Rover Hire is not just your ticket to feeling like a star. Getting behind the wheel of this luminary of Super car hire displays your impeccable and cosmopolitan taste, as well as making you part of the success of a modern British icon.

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