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Site Review: Green Towing – How to Find a Good Towing Company in Long Beach

Site Review: Green Towing – How to Find a Good Towing Company in Long Beach

Check out this Long Beach towing company which can come to your rescue whether your car needs towing or you’ve run out of gas!

Green Towing is a Long Beach towingservice operating also in the Orange County area, the service covers a range of vehicle problems that drivers may encounter on their journey. It is important that drivers always have with them in their car the number of a reliable towing company just in case. Green Towing’s website carries a number of client reviews that testify to the fact that their service is reliable. The company is also a member of the Towing and Recovery Association of America and the California Tow Truck Association.

Choosing a Towing Company

If you are in Long Beach or Orange County when your vehicle breaks down you can rely  on Green Towing to give you all the help you need and the necessary service to make your ordeal as painless and economical as possible. They meet all the requirements listed above both in the service department and their mechanical handling of the situation.

Here are a few of the services this Long Beach towing company offers:

·         Green Towing operates 24 hours a day.

·         The company and all their Long Beach tow truck operators are fully licensed.

·         They promise to arrive within half an hour of your call.

·         They handle a range of problems not just towing your car away and they also do long distance towing.

·         Their prices are also reasonable and competitive.

·         Green Towing can handle any kind of vehicle.

A towing company also needs to cover several areas not just towing your car to a garage when there is a mechanical problem. This Long Beach towing company handles several areas of service:

Auto Towing Service

The standard towing service of a broken down car, they operate 24 hours emergency towing and will arrive within 30 minutes. This also includes junk car removal, motorcycle towing and auto wrecking tow. Green Towing operates a tow dolly when you have a car which can’t be towed with all four wheels on the ground.

Roadside Assistance

As well as towing your car they will give you roadside assistance like tire fixing, recharging, auto mechanic service, jump starting or replacing your battery and even bring you gas if you run dry. Green Towing will bring you an ignition key replacement and if you lock yourself out of your car they can handle that too by sending you a professional locksmith.

Perhaps the service which appeals to me the most is the “car won’t start troubleshooting service”, just call them up night or day and see if they can help you solve the problem yourself just by guiding you through the motions.

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