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Skoda Superb Fastback

Skoda Superb Fastback

Skoda Superb Fastback – Study desing fans Skoda Auto.

Superb Fastback: top model of damage to the paper

The top model offers a far Mladá Boleslav Skoda Superb. His focus on practicality is great, but it is clear that the offer car missing car, which would have offered more emotion and prestige. Could it be the new Superb Fastback, the work of two Czech designers. However, he still exists only on paper.
“I think I can honestly say that it is among the admirers of Skoda car design that I like in particular for his unpretentious manner, clarity and credibility. The strategy, while the maximum trunk usually leaves me cold, much more humorous, but always appreciate a solution and a strategy of balancing on the edge between classes. In the model portfolio but still lack the imaginary peak, “says Mr. Radek Laube, editor of the journal Auto Design & Styling.

Mr. Laube and designer and architect Mr. Paul Gross took the last generation of the Superb sedan body styles and made it a fastback, a four-door sedan with flowing rear, evoking the impression coupe. VW has in its portfolio Passat CC Audi A5 Sport back. The damage must be satisfied in body types Superb sedan / lift back and estate, and given the direction of city Mladá Boleslav car factory as a manufacturer of practical cars for reasonable money, they are minor variants of utility value is unlikely.

“The smartest and most design trends today is clearly one coupe-sedans. But when you look for example, the A5 Sport back and A6 sedan, the difference in the shape of the rear part is not so dramatic (and still went to the Audi). While the space between the Superb is based on proportions of the classic three-volume saloons and station wagon variant, the new concept called a fastback literally, “says Laube.
“In the case of the Superb fastback would be quite peculiar and clearly identifiable model. Furthermore, both the development costs in comparison with the proposal of a brand new model certainly were not staggering, “says Mr. Laube.
More information about the study Superb Fastback found in the latest issue of the bimonthly Auto Design & Styling.

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