The Fastest Growing Airport in The Middle East

Erbil Airport opened its doors in September 2010 to link Erbil to the most important cities in the Middle East and several major cities in the west. With nearly one million passengers in 2012, and a 53% increase compared to 2011, the airport is four years ahead of its original schedule. Its current capacity is 3 million people per year, while the average number of passengers per day is close to 3,000 people.

At the same time there are plans of significant importance for the construction of a hotel complex at the airport, for further terminal expansion, and for increasing the cargo capacity of the airport which was approximately 28,000 tonnes in 2012.

Erbil Airport can boast one of the five longest runways in the world – 4,800 meters, 16 gates and 6 fixed-bridge gates.

Importance of Erbil Airport

After Saddam Hussein was toppled in 2003, the Kurdistan region enjoyed huge economic growth, and while the rest of Iraq is still plagued with violence, the northern Kurdish regions remain peaceful. That is the reason why the capital Erbil has attracted more than 14 billion dollars in foreign investments and a large number of high-end businessmen and professionals, both from Iraq and the rest of the world, who require quality air transport.  

Erbil Airport provides all these people and their families a fast and safe way to come to or leave the city, while it offers reliable cargo facilities for businesses to import or export their merchandises.
The most popular destinations are the United Arab Emirates, mainly Dubai, and Istanbul in Turkey, but Erbil is also connected to 23 other cities all over the world.

Erbil Airport Services
*   The airport offers modern VIP and CIP areas
*     There is a currency exchange service
*    Travelers have the chance to visit an excellent duty free shop
*     There are flights to 15 different countries worldwide
*    Fast taxi services to the center of Erbil

To and from Erbil Airport

Even though there is no train service that connects the international airport and the center of Erbil, different taxi services are available to travelers.  The official taxi service of the airport offers fixed prices and guarantees fast and reliable transportation. One such company is “Hello Taxi” and despite the fact that it is the most expensive in the area, it seems to be the most reliable. The journey to Ankawa costs about $20 and the journey to the city center is about $50.

International Award for Erbil Airport

Because of its exceptional growth, Erbil Airport was voted as the best emerging market airport in the Middle East, Africa and Asia during the Emerging Markets Airport Show that took place in Dubai at the beginning of 2013.

This award was based not only on the increased traffic and profitability of the Erbil Airport, but also on the travelers’ positive feedback which reflected the excellent services at the customs and immigration offices and the high standards of security at the different areas of the airport.

The new Erbil Airport has become really populated since the renovation and connection with a lot of new flights around the world. In order to get more information about Erbil stay in touch with the online magazine Erbilia .

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