The Golf of Near Generation

While some of us wait as madmen to hunt the new generation of the Seat Leon in tests with his definitive auto body (something that must be rolling already, if our information is correct), the paparazzi to World Car’s salary Fans have been done by a few captures of his cousin, the near Golf, which has left already his mules of development to begin to accumulate kilometres with his real body.

The certain thing is that little or nothing goes out to the light, since the mixture between camouflage and Volkswagen’s sober lines they us conceal everything, or almost quite. Only the proportions seem to be clear, and the new Golf meets longer, with more he battles and with fewer height. He remembers, the new Golf is waited for the sale at the beginning of 2013, so in one year more or less, in the Lounge of Paris, we might see his launch.

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