The Top Triond Sites and The Countries Their Traffic Comes From

As I stated in my article How to Get Hundreds of Triond Views with Minimal Marketing, the top Triond sites are Socyberty, Healthmad and Webupon – in that order. That has been the order for quite some time. I compared the traffic of Triond and these three sites and the statistics from prove that the top seven countries that give these sites traffic are India, United States, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and Pakistan (tied) and Russia.

The above is a truncated list and only gives as many lines as there are countries that give Triond traffic, that was my cut-off point. gives 27-30 different countries for the other three sites but only 12 for Triond. Alexa evidently left out countries where the percentage is too miniscule to count.

When you add up the four sets of country traffic percentages from Triond, Socyberty, Healthmad and Webupon, here are the following results:

(1)   India – 116.30 points

(2)   United States – 63.50 points

(3)   Indonesia – 19.6 points

(4)   Philippines – 13.6 points

(5)   Pakistan and the United Kingdom – 13.10 points

(6)   Russia – 10.90 points

India is the overall standout here. The total traffic from India is almost double the total of the United States across these four sites.


India accounts for more than half of Triond’s traffic at present, almost five times that of the United States as far as Triond is concerned.


The United States accounts for more traffic to Socyberty than even India and Russia put together.


For Healthmad the tables are turned again as India has the most traffic, almost twice that of the United States.


Of all four sites, Webupon’s traffic comes from the most countries – thirty different countries. This is a truncated list. India still sends the most traffic to this site but the United States is right behind. Since the traffic is spread out more the top countries are not as dominant here as is the case of the other three sites.

This means that we ought to target the Indian audience more than we do as that is where the real traffic is coming from. Traffic from China is nice but on the full list China appears nowhere on the list of countries that give traffic to Socyberty and Healthmad, is #5 on the Triond list and #29 for Webupon.

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