The Two Most Advanced SUV Concept 2015

Famous throughout the world as the home of many of the tough car that often became friends and adventurous, United Kingdom, home of the legendary automaker Land Rover, indeed jagonya in creating special mounts adventure.

One of the swashbuckling Land Rover that has long earned a spot in the hearts of lovers of the adventure of the macho, Land Rover Defender. Since he first appeared on the face of the public almost 67 years ago with the name Land Rover Ninety vehicle off-road, this one has become a mainstay for traversing difficult terrain to explore.

After more than half a century wandering through all kinds of terrain, 4 x 4 model of the iconic Land Rover will be decommissioned by the manufacturer at the end of year 2015 come. The decision was taken because the model Defender could no longer meet new emissions regulations that took effect in the European region.

As the void would appear after the Defender, Land Rover had introduced two concept Sport-Utility Vehicle (SUV) garang, a burly-looking and certainly tough in the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show performances of the past.

1. Land rover dc 100

Ready to replace Defender as an icon of cars Land Rover tough, DC100 Concept presents the evolution and transformation of an entirely different from its predecessor but remains on track as a muscular stocky mounts.

Unlike the original series Defender, this car was built on a wheelbase of anyer sized 100 inch (2.540 mm) which was later used as the name of the car, the futuristic Defender nuanced Concept 100 (DC100). His Style was impressed with futuristic curvy body plus the complete composition of the fascia by garang.

Futuristic theme permeated through to the inside of the cockpit this SUV concept. Simple yet sophisticated impressed and efficiently, in the midst of the beauty of a removable central dasboard display that can be dicomot seems to impress the DC100 as the embodiment of a Defender who came from the future.

Knowing his position as heir to the legendary car classmates DNA Land Rover Defender, performance and skill certainly off-road SUV concept, this one cannot lose. V8 engine that is assisted by the technological sophistication of the Terrain Response System to monitor the condition of the field is ready to help the performance and speed of the SUV.

2. Land Rover Dc 100 sport

The second concept is arguably as a sporty version with a design that is distinctive and different from the previous concept, namely Land Rover Sport DC100.

His spirit of adventure feels more fresh in the body of this concept, let alone the outer appearance of the with no roof or roof-less decorated by aero screen with cut-down side window looks so stylish and energetic.

Teraduk ‘ modern ‘ feel perfect inside the cabin Sport DC100 also utilizes futuristic theme. A replacement car icon this respite filled by leather trim with a lightweight breathable mesh is made more beautiful by the pattern of bold Tribal Tech.

Pump power of 280 hp and a peak torque of 379 Nm supporting performance Land Rover Sport DC100 digelontorkan by 2.0 L DOHC V8 engine mounted on a 8-speed automatic transmission in order to ensure that the rate of the fixed maximum SUV concept.

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