Things to Know Before Purchasing Ford Motor Parts

Ford Motor Company or more appropriately For Australia has unique relationship with car loving people of Australia. This can be gauged by the number of Ford models like Falcon FG, Ford Fairmont, Falcon Sedan, Fairlane, Territory, Ghia, Falcon XR8, Falcon XR6, and Falcon Utes running on Australian roads.

As a proud owner of one of the Ford models or as the one contemplating of buying a Ford car, you may rightly feel various dilemmas connected with sourcing Ford motor parts. As experts in Ford cars and Ford engine parts, we try to settle your predicaments as follows:

New Ford motor parts versus used parts: this issue is a perennial one. Well, there is nothing against new spare parts and by all means new are always preferable than used ones.  Certainly go for them if you like. However, prudence says it otherwise.  Except for some fast wearing Ford engine parts and precision parts, there is no reason why you should not try used parts. Performance wise, these are as good as new parts. The only difference is they come from dismantled old, used, damaged Ford cars but that does not make them less authentic. In fact, used Ford motor parts are well cleaned and tested before supply. By fitting used parts, you save both on purchase and repair cost.

Genuine Ford motor parts versus third party manufactured parts: this also is an extension of the point discussed above. If you feel vary of using used parts, the next best thing is to try new parts manufactured or marketed by third parties. Again, the question here is of discretion. Genuine parts are costlier because of brand name, import duties and various taxes. Third party goods are cheaper while offering the same quality and performance.

Aftermarket Ford motor parts: aftermarket parts are not essential for the car’s regular running but for enhancing the look and feel and for boosting the performance of your car. Examples include differently styled steering wheels and gear knobs, stylish mirrors, turbochargers, gauges and high performance mufflers.  In short, any item to customize your vehicle. Here the advice is to stay away from used aftermarket parts, especially if you are seeking greater performance or improved fuel efficiency.

No matter which part you purchase or from you purchase, always compare price, performance data and other terms by visiting a few websites on the Internet in order to get the best deal.

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