Top Five Cars That Age Well and How to Spot One in a Used Car Lot

What makes a car stand up to the test of time?  If you consider for a moment which cars rank in highest resale value in the world, you would have unlocked the key into which top brands just gets better with age. According to Kelly Blue Book (KBB), the renowned US automotive valuation company, Toyota, Honda, and BMW remain the top brands in five-year residual value for 2010. Consistently, Japanese models have dominated used car lots by cornering the market as the best value for money, enduring the test of time. Savvy consumers know, before they commit to any car purchase, that gathering the right information is critical. Discover the factors used to assess a car’s quality and appeal, the specific cars vying for the top five in the moderate income category, and how to spot one in a used car lot.
Factors Used to Assess Quality and Appeal

What factors influence a car’s quality and appeal? Put aside the general measures such as fuel usage, registration date, and current condition. You will find that fundamentally these cars are assessed based on specific criteria.


Consumers have the power. Their selection process directly impacts how a brand is perceived. In this case, Japanese car models are chosen for their advanced technology which translates into more efficient, and dependable cars.
Spare parts availability:

Accessible spare parts are non-negotiable. According to, spare parts for Japanese models are quite easy to locate when compared with many American and European car parts.
After sales service:

Although many car companies offer this service, the restrictions attached to their models are prohibitive to consumers, unlike the Japanese brand.

Efficient and reliable performance is reflected in the low maintenance costs of Japanese cars.
Top 5 Cars That Age Well

1.      Honda Fit

2.      Honda Accord

3.      Toyota Prius

4.      Honda CR-v

5.      Subaru Forester

How to Spot one in a Used Car Lot:


1.      Always go with an expert; go during the day.
2.      Interior and bodywork:  ensure switches, controls, displays and lights work.  Check that bodywork is free from dents, scratches, and rust.
3.      Engine: check to ensure that the exhaust is smoke free when the engine is warm and ensure there is sufficient clean oil.
4.      Test drive: always test drive the car before you buy it. Check that the car drives in a straight line when you let go of the wheel. Listen for suspect sounds.

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