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Toy 599 GTO From Wheelsandmore

Toy 599 GTO From Wheelsandmore

Adjustments to the model 599 is never enough. And think also in Germany.

Wheelsandmore are professionals of renown. Even before the model 599 bid farewell forever, prepare for connoisseurs really interesting presentation. The yellow and black bumblebee impression, while not maintaining a typical Ferrari, but catches the eye more than reliable.

Gentlemen from Germany to keep the quotation: ”Clothes make the man and the wheels of the car.” New with the tag of exclusivity because the three-piece,hand-assembled disks 6Sporz ² of ultra-light forged alloy. On the 21 inch pieces of artcan be found wearing Hankook S1Evo. Wheelsandmore also installed a hydraulic liftvehicle by pushing a button on the lift axle 3 cm, to avoid unnecessary conflicts with an uneven surface.

Icing on the cake of this unusual treatment is the Ferrari engine. Germans modified the controller unit and the original, 12-cylinder unit and got about 45 morehorsepower. Engine with 715 hp and now ”spin” torque to 665 Nm (620 Nm from the original). There is also a new exhaust system.

Ferrari 599 is a very popular model among the ”conditioner” cars. Finally, as the current flagship of Maranello. The bad news is that Ferrari is planning next year’sproduction terminated, without further explanation. Goodbye But we Italians preparean edition celebrating 60 years success in the F1 series.

Hračkárske 599 GTO od Wheelsandmore

Hračkárske 599 GTO od Wheelsandmore

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