Two Reasons Why an Extended Protection Plans are Better Than The Factory Warranty

Image by SpecMode via Flickr

When you buy a new car comes with a factory warranty that covers the early failure of components and failures. The terms of the factory warranty varies depending on the make, model and year of production. While most people are dependent on the manufacturer’s warranty, there is a higher degree of suspicion for extended protection plans for vehicles because of the misleading marketing plans of some companies, other financial instability, and the apparent lack of services offered by most plans. But there are reputable companies support the plans with any additional benefits that go beyond what is covered by factory warranty.

To be clear, extended protection plans for vehicles not designed to compete with factory warranties. In most cases, the vehicles covered by a bumper to bumper without the need for additional coverage. These plans are intended to provide broad coverage after the factory warranty expires. Here are two ways how to ensure better coverage of the factory warranty.

1. ASE certified mechanic with some services
Factory warranties require insured car to go to the dealer to maintain and repair. It is not always practical. So what happens if the dealer is too busy to begin repairs immediately as an ASE certified mechanic with a famous ski resort, one can independently complete the job right away? With plans to expand protection of vehicles, car owners have more flexibility for the service.

2. More than just parts and labor
When a car breakdown, it is often a cost, including parts and labor. Breakdowns are inconvenient, especially if the driver has a problem and needs to stop on the road or highway. This can add extra costs to emergencies and towing. Furthermore, if the operator is busy or waiting for a new part sent the car ends up in the shop for a week or more. Most can not afford to be without transportation for that time period and dealers can not afford to lend cars to all customers. Most plans come with comprehensive coverage of the lease.

It is important to investigate the companies that extended protection plans of the vehicle to see if they have negative rating with the Better Business Bureau and negative reviews from customers. It is also necessary to assess the coverage and the terms and conditions of these plans, that all policies provide the same coverage. What is important to know is that there are reputable companies and more stable than complete assurance vehicle protection plans to give motorists coverage when their warranty expires

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