Two Things to Remember While Selecting Car Tires

Number of tires to be replaced

Most of the People often replace only one or two tires according to the condition, but that can’t offer you a smooth ride. If you are not replacing all the tires then you might end up in some weird outputs. It is always recommended to replace all the four tires at the same time. If you need to replace one of your tires, which is damaged by accident or inflation, then you have to consider the following criteria. Make sure that you are replacing the tire which exactly matches the other three tires. It will be better to replace your tire with the same brand and model. Tire with same speed rating and line will help you to reduce further problems.

You can also change any two tires of your car, which is badly damaged. You need to be very careful while replacing and try to choose same tires which are identical to the old ones. Installation of new tires on the rear axle will help you to get a long lasting tire system. It is always advisable to check the possibilities of unbalanced tire rotation and loose packing of mechanical parts frequently to ensure the performance of your car.

If all the tires of your car have worn out at the same time, then it is a good indication of flexibility. You can also replace the original tires of your car, if you are not satisfied with them. You can install new and improved models of car tires from any authorized store. Careful selection of tires can improve the fuel efficiency as well as the performance of your car.

Labeled tire properties

You can see some numbers and letters on the tire label. P indicates ‘passenger’ in a car. If you are selecting a spare tire then it will show a badge T (temporary). You have to determine the tire width according to your car model. Different models have different tire width, and you can distinguish its width from the same label. If you need a radial tire then look for letter “R” in the label. The number which comes after tire type letter indicates wheel rim diameter.

You can also get details about load capacity or weight capacity of tires from these labels. Always remember to choose tires with suitable weight capacity according to your needs. Lots of other things like speed rating, and tire pressure can be identified from these labels. This will help you to replace your car tires without any ones help. If you are not confident enough to change the car tires always seek help from a skilled technician for proper installation of tires(Do you know that the Finnish term is renkaat).

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