What Can I Do If I’ve Been Refused Car Insurance?

In this context, what can you do to get a car insurance policy from somewhere else, and what kind of procedures can you follow to complain if you’ve been treated unfairly?

Why You May Have Been Refused

It’s common for online car insurers to not give a reason when you get refused for insurance, with a website instead just informing you that your application has been rejected; this may be down to your car, with many insurers not issuing policies for high performance or modified cars that they perceive to be too much of a risk for them to insure. Unfortunately, their decision is often made regardless of your driving performance and safety.3

You may have also been refused car insurance as the result of past driving offences and convictions, which create a black mark against your record. Having an imported car, being a learner driver, or just being in the wrong postcode can similarly count against you. Some insurers will view a particular area as being particularly high risk. A low credit score and a history of debt can also count against you, as can any county court judgements that are still outstanding on your record.

What You Can Do

First, remember that there are many specialist insurers out there that may be able to offer you a deal; these insurers focus on drivers that have had problems elsewhere, and are often more willing to consider your individual circumstances, rather than just ruling you out based on their automatic criteria. Getting a quote and an insurance policy might take a bit longer with these companies, but is typically more likely to happen than going with a more general provider.

If you’ve had criminal convictions in the past that’s damaging your profile for insurers, consider contacting a charity like UNLOCK, which specialises in supporting people with convictions that are trying to gain access to services; some insurance companies may also be willing to still offer you a policy if you have the chance to present your case, and if your offences were not related to your driving.

In terms of complaining and seeking action against an insurance company that has been unfair to you, or hasn’t given enough information as to why your application’s been rejected, consider going to the Financial Ombudsman; this bod is set up to allow you to make complaints against insurance and other groups, and can give you the chance to lodge a formal case against an insurance company if they are legally in the wrong.

Again, though, it’s a good idea to compare as many different car insurance companies as possible, and to look for ones that clearly state what their eligibility criteria are (personally I’d highly recommend DirectAsia’s car insurance in Singapore). Doing this kind of research means that you can save time on going for policies at insurers that have strict approaches to who they’ll give insurance to, and who they won’t.

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