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Why The Airline Industry is in Financial Difficulty

Why The Airline Industry is in Financial Difficulty

Flying can be a hazzard to your Health.

The high price of petroleum is the primary reason why the airline industry is having a very difficult financial crisis. That additional cost is passed down to those why fly to their destination and back again rather than use some other mode of transportation.


As a matter of fact, the “Great Recession of 2008” was caused by those truly high prices for gasoline and other motor fuels, World-wide. The end result for the airline industry has been a reduction of the number of people who go on vacations and fly to that vacation destination.


Then again, there are some people who do not want to be examined by strangers or be exposed to x-rays that can eventually cause cancer. However, there are those people who must fly to their destination for business or as a requirement of their employer. Places out side of the United States of America can only be reached in a timely manner by flying to those places.


You cannot ride on a train or a bus to France. Maybe someday an underwater railroad line will extend across the ocean and make such a trip possible? Doing so would save a great deal of fuel, in that hundreds of people could ride such a train and take the place of maybe 20 airline flights to transport the same number of people. Such trains will be powered by electricity that can be generated by the wind or the sun.


Terrorists have caused the airlines to be subjected to the low passenger count, in that some people do not want to take off their shoes in public, nor do they want to be subjected to strip searches or suffer other invasions to their privacy. The truth of the matter is that if a terrorist wanted to destroy a commercial airplane that could be accomplished with the use of a bomb that cannot be detected.


Even with all of the security measures that are in place the plane could still crash for mechanical reasons or pilot errors. People like to travel buy they do not want to be victims of terrorists or strangers who think that they might be a terrorist or simply a person who wants to destroy a commercial airplane as well as themselves.


It is a matter of trust and some people trust only God to watch over them. Do you really care if the airline industry went bankrupt? Flying is for the birds in many more ways than one.   

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