Buy Used Cars Under 500

This Hub Page is about how to buy used cars under 500. At this price, you’re not going to get a Lamborghini or Porsche. However, you may be able to find something to get back and forth. You might expect paint imperfections, dents, and possibly, even minor repairs necessary to get it on the road.

Where to buy used cars under 500

Here’s where you can check to buy used cars under 500:

1. CraigsList: This is probably the best place to find an inexpensive vehicle. When you check out the vehicle, make sure to bring someone knowledgeable about cars. Before handing over the money, you’ll want to ensure the registration and title are current as well.

2. Ebay: On Ebay you can find inexpensive cars as well. As when purchasing any car, check to make sure it runs smooth, test drive the car, check service records, check for leaks, and make sure the oil and transmission fluid is not black.

3. Auto Auctions: At auto auctions, you can find cars selling for a few hundred dollars. On the downside, it can be riskier since you may not always be able to get them inspected before bidding. You can check for auto, government, and police auctions in your area.

4. Repair shops: You may not have thought about purchasing a car from a repair shop, but occasionally cars are abandoned or confiscated there because of unpaid repair bills. One of the advantages of checking local repair shops, is that the mechanic can fully explain the condition of the car. Often, they will give you a great price just to get the car out of there. 

5. Newspaper/low cost classified ads: This is the traditional way, but still a great way to find an inexpensive car. In the newspaper, low cost, and free ads will have a wide range of affordable budget cars in your area. 

6. Neighborhood: In your neighborhood, check for “for sale” signs on vehicles. You may just find a great deal!

It’s not easy to buy used cars under 500, but it is possible!

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