Police Auctions

What kind of things can you purchase at a police auction? Really anything you can think of is the answer. When one commits a crime, their property is seized, even including everything they own, such as vehicles, jewelry, items in their house, clothes, and anything else.

A police department, as you can imagine, collects a lot of stuff! Seized property must be auctioned off within a certain amount of time.  If you’re looking to put bids in on seized properties, you will find a variety of places to do that. Sometimes the police officers hold an auction right there at the station. There are also big government-operated auction sites where this merchandise may show up. Looking on the Internet, you can find police auctions for seizures or unclaimed goods.

Inspect items in person at auctions, it is a wise decision. So that you don’t pay too much for the item in question, you must know the normal retail value. The written description, as well as the pictures will heavily weigh you decision when it comes to online auctions.

It’s important to know the true value of the items before you submit a bid. Because the property becomes yours and the sale is finalized once you place a winning bid at auction, be certain you obtain a good deal and don’t get fooled.

A variety of items, such as clothing, electronics, cameras, jewelry, computers, tools, airplanes, and watches are available at police auctions. To save money, its always smart to check police auctions before you pay full retail price for the same item elsewhere.

One of the most popular involves purchasing vehicles from police auctions. Law enforcement seizes any vehicle used in the commission of a crime, regardless of the crime’s severity. At police auctions the vehicles are placed on the block and rarely have a reserve price.  It is legal when the highest bidder wins the car although it could be considered “stealing” the car.

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