Start Cruising with a Motorcycle Loan

When I was a kid I couldn’t own a bike because I wasn’t old enough.  Now that I’ve grown up a bit I’ve been able to make my childhood dream come true, in fact I’ve owned more than one bike that would have made the childhood me do a double-take if it went whizzing by.  But there are countless others who, although they grew up with the same dream, are still unable to reach out and grab it.  It’s not their age holding them back anymore, it’s a different kind of problem altogether: money.

Everyone knows the best things in life don’t come cheap, and motorcycles are certainly no exception.  A good bike can set you back more than 10 grand, and not many of us have that kind of money just lying around.  Ten years might see you able to afford any bike you want, but who wants to wait around, growing old while they postpone their dreams?  There is a way to have that dream bike in your garage today, while not having to pay for it until the money comes, however further on down the road that may be.  It’s called a motorcycle loan.

Just like a mortgage or the financing plan on your car, a motorcycle loan allows you to have now what you wouldn’t be able to afford outright until later.  Motorcycle loans are simple, easy to set up, and can often be arranged with much lower interest rates than you may think.  One way to do it is to just make your way down to the bank and apply for however much your dream bike is going to cost.  But there is an easier, more affordable option.  At Prosper, a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, greedy bankers are replaced by honest people trying to help each other out.  The largest of its kind (with over $180 million in loans and nearly 1 million members), Prosper specializes in small loans of $25,000 or less (perfect for something like a motorcycle loan).  And because anyone with money can be a lender, all you have to do is ask for the amount you need and watch as thousands of eager lenders bid your interest rate down and down.  Not only are credit requirements lower than at almost any bank, but you usually end up getting the money almost for free.

So if you’re someone who might be interested in finally realizing a long-held dream, give Prosper a try.  Don’t have impeccable credit? No problem.  Don’t want to bank-level interest rates? Perfect.  Want to set up a simple payment plan with people you can trust? You’ve found the place.  Whether it’s a motorcycle loan or a small loan of any kind, Prosper just might be your avenue to making your long-held hopes become a reality.  No more imagining that six-speed has a roaring engine – this time it’ll be for real.

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