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How to Repair a Cracked Bumper

How to Repair a Cracked Bumper

If your bumper is looking a little worse for wear it does not need to cost you a small fortune to repair if your willing to do the work yourself.

Repairing a plastic bumper on a car is not a difficult job and can be done at home. When taken to a shop it can become an expensive proposition. Depending on the size of the crack you may be paying quite a sum of money to get the job done. With a little care and a small amount of work you can have that plastic bumper looking like new in a very short period of time by doing the job yourself.

Prep work
If the crack is large enough you may have to remove the bumper cover. You will find the release screws somewhere under your bumper or on your car. The location of these screws may be different of every make of car just look around until you find them.Once you have removed the plastic covering from your bumper take it to a place where you can work on it.  Turn your bumper over and look for a stamp inside.  This stamp will tell you what kind of plastic that was used in the making which in turn will tell you what type of adhesive and filler that will work best on your repair.Take a copy of your stamp to an auto store don’t be shy about asking the staff which are the best products for your personal repair. Sometimes they can offer a wealth of information.

Repair of large bumper cover cracks

When you start your repair the first thing you should do is clean up the site of the crack both front and back. Using a plastic surface cleaner clean well into the crack of the bumper. Make sure you clean deep to get out any debris. After cleaning and the area is dry you can apply a prep solvent that will get your bumper ready to accept the adhesive filler. Make sure you put this solvent on by going in the same direction with every wipe.You must let the bumper dry completely before continuing with the repair.

Sand the area In the backside of the crack and down the area around the crack at least two inches on all sides. If your using a sander make sure you go slowly as not to melt the plastic underneath but in some cases hand sanding will do the job. With large cracks you will probably need to place mesh inside the bumper cover over the crack at this point. Using a welding gun melt the mesh into the plastic to reinforce your repair. Let the repair cool down and sand it lightly making sure you do not lift the mesh. Apply another coat of adhesive filler over the mesh and you are finished the inside work.

Turn your bumper over to expose the front crack. You will have to sand the crack to rough it up so it will accept the plastic filler. Sand all around this crack until you have sanded at least two inches on all sides. Clean the sanded area and apply your filler. Let the filler dry and sand it level and smooth with the original bumper. If you can’t get all the small bumps place a skim coat of filler over the repair and sand until it is smooth. After a large repair such as this you may have to paint the surface to match your original color.

Small bumper crack

Take the soldering iron and work the original plastic from side to side to fill in the crack.Continue to work the plastic all over the crack until the crack is filled in. Once you have finished let the plastic cool and dry. Once it is dried properly take a very fine sanding paper and sand the area. Make sure you sand until all the bumps you made are sanded out and the bumper cover looks smooth again. Make sure you do not go to deep into the plastic when you are using the soldering gun when repairing a surface crack. If you don’t eliminate the crack on the first try just give it another coat of adhesive filler, let it dry for twenty four hours and sand again.

Repairing your own bumper can put money in your pocket as well as a feeling of accomplishment. It is not difficult to do a small repair and a large repair can go just as smoothly. Do your homework and then do your own repair, you’ll be very happy you did.

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