Producing Electricity From Exhaust Heat


German supplier of exhaust system Eberspaecher successfully harness the heat energy that is generally wasted through the exhaust to drive a steam turbine power plant that might someday could replace the function of the alternator.

The concept is quite simple. Water is channeled into a container that surrounds the exhaust system / muffler.

Residual heat from the exhaust to heat water into high pressure steam to drive the turbine blades of a miniature. The turbine is connected to the motor generator which can function as an additional supplier of electricity or even replace the full functionality of conventional alternator.

As is known, the alternator takes power from the engine speed is channeled via the drive belt. Expense alternator sometimes take a lot of engine power so that in addition to consuming power of the engine also adds wasteful of fuel.

Eberspaecher turbine system design has the ability capable of producing up to 1100 watts of power is equivalent to a reduction in CO2 emissions by 10%. The company is also developing a second draft for mamanfaatkan heat converted directly into electricity.

The second system utilizes the temperature difference between the hot flue gas exhaust with ambient temperature in order to generate electricity that can be utilized to reduce the burden of a car alternator. Although these systems produce power only about a third of Eberspaecher turbine system, but this is quite useful to reduce CO2 emissions by 5 g / km.

We just hope that this discovery could be applied in bulk. Do not let this finding go away without the continuation of which reminds us of the findings of the nation’s children from ITS more than 20 years ago, in the form of air conditioning (A / C) car which utilizes heat from the exhaust.

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